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DANA Spicer U-Joint 1710 Series BP Style - 5-280X - 5-280X

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Product Description

When it comes to the best drivetrain components on the market, the Dana and Spicer brands are legendary. Prolong the life of your vehicle, experience reduced noise, vibration, and harshness during your journey, and enjoy performance mile after mile, no matter where your trip takes you. This is a 1710 Series u-joint. Manufactured with OE tooling and technology, the Spicer brand guarantees a perfect fit, reliable finish and superior function.

Dana Spicer parts are typically warrantied for 1-3 years from the date of purchase depending on the part category and vocation.

Whether you are driving between the lines or outside of them, you can expect the superior quality performance that comes from genuine Dana Spicer parts. When you buy genuine automotive aftermarket products including driveshaft components and axles, you will experience why Spicer is one of the leading aftermarket driveshaft component manufacturers in the industry. From the invention of the encased universal joint that eliminated sprockets and chains to the production of fully integrated propulsion systems for todays most complex powertrains, the Dana and Spicer brands remain leaders in revolutionizing power conveyance.


  • 1710 Series
  • Manufactured with OE tooling and technology, the Spicer brand guarantees a perfect fit, reliable finish and superior function.


One (1) u-joint


1-3 years depending on vocation and part category. See Dana Spicer warranty guide for more information.

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OE ManufacturerSVL
UOM Quantity (Per Unit of Measure)1
Unit of Measure (case, ea, drum, etc.)each
Type / StyleLube
BenefitsThis is a 1710 Series u-joint. Manufactured with OE tooling and technology, the Spicer brand guarantees a perfect fit, reliable finish and superior function.

Prop 65

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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