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  • Most Truck Drivers Come from These 10 States

    Where are Truck Driver Applications Coming From?

    It’s no surprise that one of the industries with the largest need for new applicants this year is trucking. From 2008 to 2015, multiple outlets reported receiving about 11,000 truck driver applications a month, or 132,000 a year. These applications come from job websites, social media platforms, and other outlets, and are often sorted based on experience, certification level, and other factors.

    It takes a huge commitment to become a truck driver, especially during a global pandemic and also during a time when the nation’s supply chain is in a chokehold. With all 50 states having trucking needs and needing truck drivers, which states typically produce the most applicants?

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  • Taillights Vs. Brake Lights: What's the Difference?

    Why You Need to Know the Difference Between Brake Lights and Taillights

    For a seasoned trucker or fleet owner, talking about what makes a brake light different from a taillight may seem like going back to kindergarten, but there’s a good reason to have awareness of both types of lighting — it’s easy to assume they’re always working and also easy to miss if they’re not.

    Even though your brake and taillights may live together under the same globe or cover, and U.S. law dictates that they both must be red to be compliant with Department of Transportation standards, these are two different lights with two different jobs. And knowing what they are and what to keep in mind when you need a replacement can help save you some uptime and money.

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