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  • How to Prevent a Truck Breakdown

    How to Prevent Truck Breakdowns

    It would be nice to sail through the year without any truck downtime at all, but we all know that that’s unrealistic, unfortunately. Although many truck or fleet owners do bake some unexpected downtime into their budgets, it’s still a super high priority to keep these costs and delivery disruption as low as possible.

    But while completely preventing truck breakdowns may not be possible, it is possible to maximize your uptime by doing some routine checks and inspections. Whether you train your team to commit to these inspections or perform them yourself, knowing what to keep an eye on throughout the year can help the life cycle of both your parts and your expense account.

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  • Heavy Duty Everything Continues: Supplying Parts for Excavation and Construction Equipment

    If you haven’t picked up on our New Year’s resolution by now, it’s to define what “Heavy Duty Everything” means to us, because while everything is pretty self-explanatory, it’s worth it for you to know what we’re specifically talking about.

    This post we’re going to get done and dirty with heavy-duty and I mean like actual dirt. While it’s safe to assume we mostly deal in parts for trucks, a lot of truck parts apply to heavy-duty construction equipment as well. Whether you’re digging something up or knocking something over, the machine you’re using for it needs some heavy-duty parts to run, and we have those parts in spades.

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