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  • Are Shocks the Same As Struts?

    Difference Between Shocks and Struts

    Are Shocks the Same As Struts?

    Struts and shocks are both integral components of a truck’s suspension system; and while the trucking terms may seem interchangeable, the two parts have completely different functions – even though they share the same end goal. It is important to note that not all commercial vehicles have both struts and shocks. Some vehicles only have shocks. Some may only have struts; but that does not mean that one component is better than the other. So, what is the real difference between struts and shocks? We’re going to put the confusion to rest once and for all. Keep reading to learn the functions of struts and shocks as well as when to replace them on your heavy-duty truck.

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  • Getting to Know Meritor in the Aftermarket

    Meritor OE and Aftermarket Brands

    Whether you’re out driving a truck or maintaining a fleet of them, chances are you’re familiar with Meritor. A powerhouse in both the OE and aftermarket, Meritor doesn’t just have one specialty — they are a global supplier of axle, brake, and suspension solutions for both the transportation and industrial sectors.

    Meritor Genuine parts are well-known in the industry for being the same parts that are used on OEM equipment and installed on brand new trucks on the assembly line. This brand is renowned for its genuine performance on new vehicles and vehicles that are still under warranty, but what many fleet owners don’t realize is that Meritor has more brands in the aftermarket than you may realize.

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