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  • 3 Trucking Terms to Know in 2021

    New Year, New Focuses for Trucking Companies

    Whether you’ve successfully taken down your Christmas tree or not, we’re already midway through the first month of 2021. Amid all of the usual stress of budgets, logistics, Coronavirus impacts on business and health/safety protocols, it’s time for trucking companies to also start planning their big money moves.

    Keeping your truck or fleet on the road with minimal downtime and maximum on-time deliveries takes constant attention and strategy and keeping these trucking terms in mind can help you stay ahead of the game this year.

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  • Driving a Semi In Winter

    Semi Truck Driving Tips For Winter

    Winter Tips For Driving a Semi

    Driving a compact car is difficult enough in the snow; so, we can only imagine how nerve-wrecking it must be driving a big rig that is hauling thousands of pounds worth of commerce. Driving in wintry conditions is challenging for everyone and leads to several accidents each year from rear ends and vehicles swerving off the road. In fact, according to the Federal Highway Administration, over 5.7 million motor vehicle accidents each year are winter-related. In 2014 alone, 476,000 of accidents involved large trucks and buses.

    Okay, we didn’t mean to scare you with the numbers; but we want to drill in the importance of driving carefully this season. Here are winter tips for truckers that are driving large haulers this month:

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