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  • How Meritor Clutches Come Through in the Clutch For Your Truck

    Clutches were built to be efficient and to keep you safe. The reason we have clutches, whether they’re manual or self-adjusting is to ensure that when we’re driving on the road our engine is moving our wheels when we want it to and only as fast as we want it to.

    In layman’s terms, just because our wheel stops, doesn’t mean we want our engine to stop, and if our engine is running, that doesn’t necessarily mean we want our wheels to be churning. In heavy-duty trucking that’s even more prevalent, as we want you to move your cargo as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

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  • We're Here to Keep Trucks Moving

    Truckers Keep Truckin’

    As COVID-19 continues its spread across the country and states are beginning to issue “shelter-in-place” regulations, many businesses are finding themselves having to quickly pivot to remote operations. But although highways that were gridlocked just a week ago are now mostly deserted, the rumble of commercial vehicle truck tires can still be heard, delivering cargo that has become precious to all Americans - masks and medical supplies, groceries, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper.

    The novel Coronavirus has caused what freight marketplace DAT Solutions referred to as “the mother of all supply chain disruptions,” with medical centers needing more supplies and more raw materials needing to go to factories to continue manufacturing the supplies.  

    Social Distancing With Shipping Directly to Your Customer

    To help you take safety precautions for yourself, your business and your customers, we can ship parts directly to your customers to help avoid face-to-face contact, and additional resources at your own facility to move parts.

    Simply add your customers' ship to address during checkout and needed goods will ship directly to them with a simple ship-to receipt to keep your pricing confidential.

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