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  • What to Consider When Buying Headlights

    A Great Debate: What Head Lamps are Best?

    Vehicle parts and systems have come a long, long way since trucks were first invented by Daimler in 1896. The very first automobiles used acetylene lamps for down road visibility because the flame was more resistant to the wind than other resources at the time, but as vehicles started to go faster, more lighting solutions were needed.

    Although the first electric headlights were invented shortly after in 1898, they initially had a host of problems since electricity was still a very new concept at that time. Surprisingly, electric vehicle headlights were also pretty unpopular until the early 1900s. As vehicle use became a more commonplace and preferred method of transportation, the first vehicles with a modern electric system, including fully functioning electric headlights, were born.

    Two centuries later the headlight as we know it continues to advance in its technology and lifespan but the question still remains — which ones are the best?

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  • Trucking Misconceptions: Rebuilt Vs. Reman

    Common Misconceptions for Fleet Owners/Drivers

    Every industry has its myths and misconceptions. But for fleet owners and truck drivers, hanging onto misinformation can cost you and your business money, part life, and precious uptime. One of the most common misconceptions in trucking revolves around two terms — rebuilding and remanufactured, or “reman,” as it’s more popularly referred to.

    The situation is this: you’ve got a part that’s not working right, but you’ve also got cost to factor in. Buying this part brand new isn’t realistic right now, so you move to your other options, which typically include rebuilding the part or buying it “reman,” or remanufactured. The misconception is that when it comes to aftermarket truck parts, rebuilt and reman mean the same thing. It may surprise you to learn that these are two very different terms, and understanding the difference can make the difference to your bottom line.

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