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  • Brake Safety Day Sidelines Over 1,100 Trucks

    Brake Safety Day 2021 Violations

    While some heavy-duty truck drivers may not have noticed that there was a one-day brake inspection blitz this past May, 1,151 vehicles learned about Brake Safety Day the hard way – by being put out of service.

    Commercial vehicle inspectors across the U.S. inspected 8,658 vehicles during the event on May 26th and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) President said in a previous statement, “We are sharing the results to call attention to the importance of commercial motor vehicle brake safety.”

    Although the U.S. saw a lot of vehicles put out of service for brake-related violations, Canada and Mexico conducted inspections of their own, and the rate of brake-related out of service vehicles for all North America was 12.6%. For the U.S. alone it was 13.3% while Canada had 11.4% and Mexico had 2.9%.

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  • 5 Healthy Snacks For Truckers

    Healthy Snacks For Truck Drivers

    Bad Junk Food Habits

    Truckers are on deadlines and don’t have all the time in the world to sit down and eat nice entrées; so, they take the easier route: visiting a local fast-food chain. While fast food restaurants are convenient, and admittedly tasty, they don’t always provide the healthiest meal choices (even when salads are on the menu). Unfortunately, there are more overweight and obese truck drivers on the road than healthier ones.

    In Germany, a 2019 study found that only 24 percent of drivers were of normal weight out of the 404 truckers analyzed. While 62 percent of German truckers snacked on fruits; 50 percent munched on sausages. A declining percentage chose to eat raw vegetables and self-cooked meals, as well. A 2021 study out of China even linked bad snacking habits to unsafe driving among tired drivers begging the question: What can American truck drivers fuel their bodies with to keep them healthy, full and more alert on the road? Keep reading to learn about five healthy snacks that can be enjoyed right from the truck cab.

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