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  • Top 10 Fun Facts About Trucking

    Top 10 Facts About Trucking

    Fun Facts About Truckers

    Sure, you probably know the basics about the trucking industry if asked to explain: It involves big rigs and people traveling miles to carry large loads from Point A to Point B. But there is more to the freight industry than you think.

    Here are top 10 fun facts about trucks and truck drivers:

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  • Orifice Tubes: Unsung Heroes In Your AC

    What is an Orifice Tube?

    Like most of the systems in your truck or fleet, the heating and cooling system is comprised of a complicated network of parts and components that all work together for the same goal — to make sure the temperature in your cabin stays exactly as hot or cold as you want it. The success of this system depends on the performance of every single part from the blower motor to the O-rings.

    Because this system is so intricate, it can be easy to not understand everything about how it works. As long as that fresh, cold blast of AC comes on when you turn the truck on, that’s usually all that matters. But it’s also important to gain a better understanding of the small heroes inside your heating and cooling system, such as the orifice tube.

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