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  • Serpentine Belt Repair Tips

    How To Replace Serpentine Belt

    How To Replace Serpentine Belts?

    The serpentine belt is one of the most important accessories in any fleet truck and plays an important role in engine drive systems. Not only does it help power the alternator, but it powers the steering pump, air conditioning compressor and even the water pump. When the serpentine belt begins to fail, it will trigger the check engine light and cause ticking noises and poor engine performance.

    If you are wondering how long serpentine belts last it can range from 60,000 to 100,000 miles in most commercial vehicles; so, if you are a long-haul driver, you will probably need to frequently maintain and replace your serpentine belts and belt-related components. Keep reading to have all your questions answered about serpentine belt maintenance and repair.

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  • 34 States that Require Emissions Testing

    Why Do Some States Require Emissions Testing?

    The U.S. has been combatting emissions for decades, with the government recently vowing to reduce emissions in half by 2030. Each state has its own emissions goals to reach, and how they achieve that is up to the local government. With diesel vehicles frequently in the crosshairs of emissions regulations, the majority of states have begun to require some level of emissions testing.

    What vehicles and how often these tests are required can differ from state to state, and the number of states that require emissions testing has slightly increased over the past six years. According to AAA, here’s the list of states that currently require some form of emissions testing.

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