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  • Choosing the Best Radio for Your Semi Truck

    Choosing the best radio system for semi trucks

    Radio Systems for Semi Trucks

    When we think about truck maintenance and repairs, the last thing on our mind is our stereo system. However, the invention of the car radio in 1930 was made for truckers like yourself. After all, music and talk radio not only keeps you guys (and gals) awake while driving, but it keeps you sane during long-haul trips.

    Choosing the best radio for semi-trucks is more than just aesthetics and sound quality. You will need to be able to properly install it; choose one with the features you want; and find a brand that has a good reputation for audio systems. Let’s explore what you should look for in a good truck radio system.

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  • How Winter Affects Your Air Brake Lines

    The Importance of Your Air Line System

    The blue and red coiled lines that run from your tractor to your trailer are pretty to look at, but they also both serve extremely important functions. The red air line is for the trailer’s emergency brake, while the blue air line is for the trailer’s service brake. Having an air brake system ensures that coupled vehicle units, such as a tractor and trailer, both have braking capability.

    Most in the trucking industry learn how to successfully attach and secure air lines to their corresponding couplers, but for truck and fleet owners that operate in winter climates, it’s important to know the potential hazards that bitter cold conditions can have on your air brake equipment.

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