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  • 10 Maintenance Tips for Your School Bus Fleet

    Back to School for Bus Fleets

    The end of summer doesn’t just signify a return to school for students and teachers — the country’s school bus drivers will also return to work in many parts of the country. During a typical school year, the country runs over 480,000 buses upwards of 4.4 billion miles, so back to school time means that it’s also time for school bus fleet owners and operators to get their bus fleets up and going again.

    No matter how many buses and routes you’re running this year, preventative maintenance for school buses should be an essential back to school tradition. Safe pick-ups, drop-offs, and on-time delivery of students to school cannot be understated, so taking the time before each trip to properly inspect buses is crucial. Here’s everything you should be looking for to ensure that everyone has a good year.

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  • Getting to Know Your Suspension - Bushings

    How Bushings Work In Your Suspension System

    Bushings are a small but important feature designed into the suspension system of your truck. If you’ve been looking into suspensions and the ways in which they help to control vibrations caused by road bumps, then you will want to take a look into what a bushing is. To help you along your way, our experts have put together the following article dedicated to the bushings in your commercial vehicle’s suspension system. Read on to learn more about bushings!

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