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  • When To Replace Air Dryers In Heavy Duty Trucks

    Air Dryer Replacement In Fleet Trucks

    Air Brakes On Commercial Vehicles

    Most of today’s commercial fleet drivers choose to drive heavy-duty vehicles with air brake systems; and it is no wonder why: air brakes are cost-effective; environmentally friendly and more reliable than traditional braking systems. These drivers rely on clean air filters in their system to protect their vehicles avoid brake failure; and to ensure that the system works properly, drivers trust air dryers to rid harmful pollutants, such as oil and moisture, that can potentially reach the supply tank and damage air valves; air brakes and even the engine. Keep reading to learn when it is time to replace the air dryer in vehicles with air brake systems plus the warning signs of a failing air dryer.

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  • 12 Ways to Winterize Your Big Rig

    Winter is Coming…Again

    It’s already that time of the year – the leaves are changing, temperatures are falling, and Halloween decorations are going up. While visions of falling snow, freezing temperatures and ice may excite some winter enthusiasts, it’s a very different story for owner/operators and fleets – time to winterize the trucks.

    Before the first snowflakes fall, get a jump on your big rig winterization with these 12 tips on winterizing wheel ends, air systems, electronics, and controls from Bendix.

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