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  • Why You May Be Underestimating Fan Clutch Remanufacturing

     Reman Fan Clutches: Lower Cost, Not Lower Quality

    Accepting that your fan clutch needs to be replaced can be tough when you’ve got hauls to deliver and other expenses to consider. But when your vehicle is overheating, your fan clutch is excessively loud, or if your fan clutch is causing extra drag on the engine that’s affecting power, it’s time.

    Although no one wants to have to buy a new fan clutch, we’ve got some good news — you don’t have to buy a brand-new clutch. Clutch remanufacturing is an active yet underestimated part of the heavy-duty industry, and when you buy reman, you’re buying a high-quality replacement without the high sticker price.

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  • How Coronavirus Changed Trucking

    Truckers’ Journeys Through The Pandemic

    All frontline workers have had stressful experiences during the country’s passage through the Coronavirus pandemic, but the spotlight has fallen on truckers throughout the past few months. Between the long hours, last-minute route changes, stressful delivery expectations, and limited food and rest stop options that truckers have had to deal with since COVID-19 began its spread, the U.S.’s 3.5 million professional truck drivers have been among the heroes of this pandemic by driving into the epicenters of the virus to deliver essential medical, grocery, and paper products.

    As America still battles rising cases of Coronavirus, the trucking industry has already been reshaped by the virus, and probably for the long term.

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