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  • Commercial Vehicle Snow Chains 101

    Truck Tire Chains 101

    Driving In the Snow? Let's Talk.

    Truck drivers are expected to reach their shipping destinations on time no matter the season; and when the snow begins to fall, drivers begin to worry. Driving through snowy roadways and ice is stressful and can cause unexpected delays as automobiles of all sizes pump the brakes and cruise slower than usual. Truckers concerned about their truck’s ability to maneuver through the snow this winter should consider buying snow chains.

    Continue reading to learn about snow chains and to answer the question “Are snow chains worth the investment?”

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  • Anatomy of a HD Shock Absorber

    Parts Of a Shock

    Driving with Bad Shocks

    Driving with worn shocks is easy to spot. Maybe you feel every bump or groove in the road, or perhaps you notice that your truck is excessively swerving or leaning towards one side. Regardless of how you got worn shocks, it’s time to consider buying replacement shock absorbers. After all, shocks last about 150,000 miles in heavy-duty vehicles.

    There are many types of OEM shock absorbers on the market for fleet vehicles, and that’s because there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach. Let’s examine the parts of shock absorbers that may be overlooked by buyers.

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