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JIT Truck Parts is a well-known name in the trucking industry for aftermarket truck parts. With a diverse catalog of offerings, truck drivers from across North America trust us to provide them with quality parts that are reliable for all types of heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

Customers know that we carry heavy-duty truck parts, but how well do we know the industry? Here is where you can find out what's going on with JIT Truck Parts; all about Match Made; the brands we carry and much more! 

Press Releases

Fleet Maintenance: JIT Truck Parts Offers Complete Line of Walker Exhaust Parts

Trucks, Parts, Service: JIT Truck Parts Now Offers Dayco Engine Drive System Parts

Overdrive: JIT Truck Parts' New Line of Starters, Alternators

Work Truck: JIT Truck Parts Launches Match Made Starters and Alternators

Fleet Equipment: JIT Truck Parts Adds Match Made Shock Absorbers To HD Truck Parts Offering

HDT: JIT Truck Parts Offers Interstate-McBee Engine, Fuel System Parts

Guest Articles

Fleet Maintenance: Why Buy Polyurethane Truck Parts?

Fleet Maintenance: Maintain Engine Cooling Systems To Avoid Downtime

Commercial Carrier Journal: Don't Fall Victim To Truck Downtime This Autumn

Fleet Maintenance: Heavy-Duty Vehicle Snow Chains 101

Company Highlights

School Bus Fleet: 5 New Tools To Boost Maintenance Operations

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