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Semi Truck Shock Absorber Cross Reference


Monroe®, Gabriel®, and Match Made® Parts Shock Absorber Cross References

Cross references are incredibly valuable when purchasing semi truck shocks. With semi truck shock absorbers cross references, truck owners are not limited to specific manufacturers or dealerships for replacement parts. They can explore a wide selection of compatible components from various suppliers, ensuring they have access to competitive pricing and options that meet their specific requirements. JIT Truck Parts is here to help. View and easily find cross references using the table below.

• Compatibility: Shock absorber cross references help identify whether a specific shock absorber part number from one manufacturer can be replaced with an equivalent part from another manufacturer without compromising functionality. 

• Availability: Find alternative options from other manufacturers, increasing the chances of getting the required part promptly. Sometimes, certain models may be out of stock or unavailable from a particular manufacturer. Cross references allow you to quickly get your truck back on the road.

• Cost-Effectiveness: Find cost effective options by exploring multiple alternatives from a variety of manufacturers. Choose the most suitable option based on budget, availability, and desired performance characteristics.

• Convenience: By having access to cross-reference information, mechanics and automotive professionals can save time searching for compatible parts, streamlining the repair and maintenance process.

• Emergency Repairs: In urgent situations, when the original shock absorber is not readily available, cross references offer quick and reliable solutions to get your vehicle back in service.

Overall, cross references for shock absorbers allow you to compare the efficiency, availability, and cost-effectiveness of the replacement shocks reducing costly down-time.

We carry a wide range of shock absorbers from well known brands. Find your Monroe, Gabriel or Match Made shock absorber cross reference today!

Shock Absorber Cross References