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Autocar Roof Marker Lamp - A8511013-002

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Product Description

This part replaces S8511008K002, A8511008-002

When it comes to staying safe on the road, Autocar understands what it takes to keep your heavy-duty light and signal system going. The Autocar Roof Marker Lamp - A8511013-002 was designed to be the perfect replacement part for your semi-truck. Made using reliable materials and construction, this roof marker light is backed by Autocar's standards of performance and durability. For a great way to make sure you are using only the best parts inside of your commercial truck, choose the Autocar Roof Marker Lamp - A8511013-002

This product's warranty may depend on type and vocation. Please contact our customer service team for more details.

From birth, Autocar products are built with your hard-working operation and application in mind. No other brand customizes its products from design to production. Autocar features complete OEM Genuine and "All Makes" products that are currently in stock and ready to ship where and when you need them the most. Supported by over 1,000 suppliers, Autocar offers some of the most competitive pricing in the business and stands tried and true as one of the oldest nameplates in the country.


  • Backed by Autocar's standards of performance and durability


Light only


This product's warranty may depend on type and vocation. Please contact our customer service team for more details.

Cross Reference

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Prop 65

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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