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ConMet Oil Seal TP Axle Trailer - 10045889

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Product Description

When it comes to the efficiency and performance of your wheel end, every part matters. Consolidated Metco's oil seals help protect your wheel end from dirt and other environmental contaminants while also preventing essential lubricants from escaping the wheel. Built to service TP trailer applications, this ConMet oil seal kit 10045889 is machined to industry standards for optimal performance. The oil seat kit comes complete with an TP oil seal and seal package, plus instructions for appropriate and safe installation. Each oil seal is designed and machined to perfection no matter what make or application you need for your business

Since 1964, ConMet has been a trusted partner in wheel hubs components, hub assemblies, structural plastic and aluminum casting. Call us or shop our online store and discover the difference with parts from Consolidated Metco.


  • Protects against environmental damage and contaminants
  • Machined to industry-standard specifications for optimal performance


Contains one (1) oil seal


1 Year / 100000 Mile

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UOM Quantity (Per Unit of Measure)1
Unit of Measure (case, ea, drum, etc.)each
BenefitsConsolidated Metco's oil seals help protect your wheel end from dirt and other environmental contaminants. Built to service TP Trailer applications, this ConMet oil seal kit is machined to industry standards for optimal performance.

Prop 65

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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