Conventional Wheel Hubs

Also referred to as basic wheel hubs or standard wheel hubs, conventional wheel hubs are located between the drive axle and the brakes and are responsible for housing the smaller, individual parts that keep the wheel tightly secured to the rest of the truck. The spacers, seals, and nuts that hold and protect the wheels are located in a conventional wheel hub, and when a conventional wheel hub needs to be replaced, all of these individual components often need to be manually replaced and adjusted along with it. Although wheel hub technology has evolved to also include PreSet hubs, standard wheel hubs are still available and are precisely machined using strong, industry-grade materials and the latest in wheel hub design from trusted brands such as Autocar, ConMet, Meritor, and more. These undercarriage parts take on the load of the vehicle whether it’s in motion or stopped, so having a conventional wheel hub from a reputable brand that is tested and built for toughness and long service life is crucial.

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