Fan Clutches

The terms "fan clutch" and "fan drive" are often used interchangeably to describe the same thing - the component that either engages or disengages the cooling fan depending on engine cooling needs. While many fan systems operate using a traditional pulley and belt system to keep the engine at the optimal temperature, more sophisticated systems use more modern thermostatic technology such as fan clutches or fan drives to engage and disengage the fan as demand requires.

With top names in thermal management such as BorgWarner and Horton, our line of fan clutches use the latest innovations in fan clutch technology to keep your uptime up and your downtime down. Depending on your application, engine cooling needs and any weight restrictions, choose from a wide variety of clutches such as:

  • Bimetal viscous fan clutches
  • DuroSpeed 2-speed fan clutches
  • Kysor On/Off fan clutches
  • DM Advantage 2-Speed and On/Off clutches
  • Directly-controlled clutches
  • Direct-sensing replacement clutches
  • HT/S Advantage On/Off clutches
  • HT650 On/Off clutches
  • EC450 On/Off fan clutches
  • OE spec repair kits and replacement components
  • And more!

Shop our online catalog today or contact us today to find the best fan clutch or clutch components for your trucking needs.

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