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  • How Mechanics are Coping During an Extraordinary Time

    Vehicle Mechanics and Technicians are Increasingly Essential During Coronavirus

    Truckers have always worked hard behind the scenes to keep America running, and with the spread of COVID-19 — the disease caused by the novel Coronavirus — the transportation industry in America has become increasingly important. But what’s also critical during this time are those who keep our long-haul, short-haul, and last-mile delivery vehicles up — our nation’s mechanics and technicians.

    Vehicle maintenance and mechanic workshops were deemed “essential services” by the National Security Council, and while delivery trucks and vans continue to roll on in the battle against Coronavirus, life at mechanic shops also carries on.

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  • Get A PowerEdge on Electrical Parts Spending for Your Truck

    Cutting back during a global pandemic isn’t easy. While you have no choice to cut back on restaurants and gas, all that time at home can make a person go crazy when they’re doing their online shopping. Before we know it, we’ve spent more on random stuff that we don’t need than we would have had we not been stuck at home in the first place.

    The same can be said about truck parts, believe it or not. In a global pandemic, sacrifices have to be made when ordering any parts or upgrades to your truck or any of its parts or components. However we don’t want you to skimp out on safety or effectiveness, so we’ve come up with a solid brand as a solution in the electrical parts space.

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