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  1. Top 10 Fun Facts About Trucking

    Top 10 Facts About Trucking

    Fun Facts About Truckers

    Sure, you probably know the basics about the trucking industry if asked to explain: It involves big rigs and people traveling miles to carry large loads from Point A to Point B. But there is more to the freight industry than you think.

    Here are top 10 fun facts about trucks and truck drivers.

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  2. Why You Keep Hearing About the Supply Chain

    The Lingering Effects of Coronavirus on the Trucking Industry

    We’re now at a phase of the Coronavirus pandemic when mask mandates are being relaxed nationwide and businesses are welcoming patrons at full capacity. The world seems to be returning to normal – so why is it that you just can’t seem to find a new V-band clamp, sensor, or other seemingly small parts with a decent lead time and price?

    While some aspects of the pandemic seem to be recovering, the U.S. chain supply has yet to see any relief from the multiple hard hits it’s taken since the beginning of the year. The shutdown of China’s ports as the pandemic first began to spread was just the beginning of what’s already been a long year for the supply chain, and we’re only halfway into the year.

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  3. A Guide To Shopping Aftermarket: Buying Based On Truck Life Cycle

    The trucking industry follows a similar pattern to all of retail – out with the old, and in with the new. But to our individual owner/operators out there, you’re not buying new trucks every one to three years. That means you’re sticking with old reliable – and we love that, so we’re going to outfit it with the best truck parts and supplies to keep it running as efficiently as possible.

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