spring maintenance

  1. Replace Lighting Equipment In Spring

    Check Headlights In Spring

    See Better in Rain

    Look around you. See the green grass, flourishing plants, and budding trees? Spring is a sign of rebirth, and we get to enjoy it for three months; but of course, it comes with a side of [cold] rain. While the rainy season creates beautiful things, it also comes with challenges – especially for drivers. Therefore, we are encouraging truck drivers to inspect truck lights and other lighting equipment to ensure safe travels this season. Here is what you need to know about trucking lights and the spring season.

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  2. Check Oil Levels This Spring

    Spring Maintenance Tip - Check Fluids

    Fill Her Up!

    There are such things as essential oils; and truckers that are performing routine maintenance work on their trucks this spring will want to pay attention to fluid levels on some of the most important oils for their heavy-duty everything. Low oil can cause malfunctions and unexpected downtime if not properly maintained. Let’s discuss the main oils that truckers need to maintain this season prior to making long-haul trips.

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