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  1. 1 For the Road JIT Newsletter - Winter Edition

    Red Dot – They’re a lean, clean, green machine

    The need for environmentally friendly vehicles has increased radically as we learn more about the damage that fossil-fuels are doing to our environment and our health. There are more hybrid and battery-powered vehicles on the road than ever before. Manufacturers like Red Dot are finding new and innovative ways to make a big difference.

     Red Dot is actually quite green. They’ve debuted an all-electric HVAC unit for heavy-duty vehicles. Red Dot’s E-6100-0-24P HVAC unit, Top Product of the Year for 2018 by OEM Off-Highway Magazine, is an all-electric heavy-duty turnkey system designed for quick installation on the roof of the vehicle’s cab. Because the entire system is self-contained, the operato

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  2. 1 For the Road JIT Newsletter - Fall 2018 Edition

    We'd like to introduce you to ConMet. Now buckle up and hop in our time machine. We're going to the future. 

    With patented innovations, ConMet (Consolidated Metco) is the undisputed leader in the development of lightweight, high-performance products for the heavy-duty truck and trailer industry. They’re the leading supplier of wheel ends, aluminum castings, and plastic components for the commercial vehicle industry.

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