custom mud flaps

  1. How To Customize Mud Flaps

    How To Customize Splash Guards

    Why Customize Mud Flaps?

    You see those rubber things dangling from trucks? Those are mud flaps; and they aren’t just for show. Mud flaps, also known as splash guards, serve as a protective shield on semi-trucks – keeping dirt, rust and grime off undercarriage parts while defending truck’s paint from kicked-up rocks. While some would argue that mud flaps are not necessary, others would highly suggest installing them across all heavy-duty vehicles as they have been shown to reduce drag by 8 percent (via a study from UT-Chattanooga SimCenter)– with the right material, of course.

    If you have decided that mud flaps are a must for your big rig, then you may decide to customize them for your vehicle. The most common reason why truckers customize splash guards is to advertise their business; but only 15 percent of 30 million trucks in North America are stamped by quality advertising! The next is because they want to add a splash of color to their vehicle and make them standout from the traditional black mud flap. Here are things you should know about mud flap customization on trucks.

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  2. Fuel Tank Empty Inside? Here Are 4 Money Fueled Tips To Increase Your Truck’s MPG

    You essentially need two things to make a heavy duty truck go. First, you need a truck that’s able to start and stop, and second you need fuel to power it.

    Buying a truck is one thing, once you have it and it’s paid for, that truck is yours. Fuel on the other hand is something a truck will always need, and the more miles you can drive without filling up, the more money you can save. So let’s get down to it and save you some money.

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