1. Why Care About Air Dryer Replacement

    Why Replace Air Dryer Cartridges

    Pay Attention to Air Dryer Performance

    Air dryers help protect air systems in heavy-duty trucks as well as other systems that require clean air to properly operate. If air dryers are not regularly inspected and replaced during the recommended timeframe, different parts of the vehicle can fail. Keep reading to learn the importance of air dryers, when to replace air dryer cartridges and the warning signs of failing air dryers.

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  2. When To Replace Air Dryers In Heavy Duty Trucks

    Air Dryer Replacement In Fleet Trucks

    Air Brakes On Commercial Vehicles

    Most of today’s commercial fleet drivers choose to drive heavy-duty vehicles with air brake systems; and it is no wonder why: air brakes are cost-effective; environmentally friendly and more reliable than traditional braking systems. These drivers rely on clean air filters in their system to protect their vehicles avoid brake failure; and to ensure that the system works properly, drivers trust air dryers to rid harmful pollutants, such as oil and moisture, that can potentially reach the supply tank and damage air valves; air brakes and even the engine. Keep reading to learn when it is time to replace the air dryer in vehicles with air brake systems plus the warning signs of a failing air dryer.

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  3. Tire Safety Week 2021: Why Tire Pressure Matters

    Tire Safety Week 2021

    National Tire Safety Week 2021

    Often, the air in your truck’s tires can determine whether you have a good or bad day. Tire pressure will determine whether tires go flat on roads; how much fuel you burn; and how much downtime is at risk if you don’t make quick changes. Fleet owners and operators may not know just how important tire pressure is when performing routine maintenance on trucks; but the U.S. Tire Manufactures Association (USTMA) and Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC (Bendix) are here to tell you otherwise during National Tire Safety Week running from June 28-July 2, 2021.

    National Tire Safety Week is an annual sponsored initiative by USTMA aimed at providing essential information on tire care and maintenance to fleet drivers. With help from Bendix, fleets will be better equipped for long-haul trips. Here’s what you need to know for tire safety.

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  4. Installing the Right Air Dryer From Bendix

    More than forty years ago Bendix ignited a revolution in the heavy-duty truck industry with a dream. A dream to provide clean air to reservoirs, valves, and all air controlled systems in a vehicle. A dream to filter out contaminants in airways that caused heinous maintenance episodes and downtime that felt like it lasted a lifetime. That dream was the Air Dryer: an air filtering mechanism that removes dirt, liquid, water vapor and even oil from your truck’s air system. Forty years later, the apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree. Bendix still makes some of the most reliable Air Dryer systems in the aftermarket.

    Any vehicle that doesn’t have an Air Dryer installed is considered archaic. And if you’re bypassing a bad Air Dryer system, then you’re doing a disservice to your truck. So today, we’re going to get you started on a new Bendix Air Dryer and walk through how easy it is to install one.

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