1. Starter and Alternator Troubles

    Testing Starters and Alternators

    Is It My Starter or Alternator?

    The harsh winter climate can negatively affect the performance of vehicles; and often, heavy-duty vehicles have trouble getting their engines up-and-running in the cold. Rotating electric parts, like starters and alternators, may be the reason why. To find out, drivers will need to test the parts (along with the battery) to see which part(s) needs replacement before making long haul trips. Here’s what drivers should know.

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  2. Get A PowerEdge on Electrical Parts Spending for Your Truck

    Cutting back on costs isn’t easy, especially at a time when the trucking industry is seeing some serious ups and downs. It’s common to have to make some sacrifices to make sure everything keeps running smoothly, but your aftermarket truck parts are not something you want to cut corners with. Even if the price looks right, we’ve all learned the hard way that cheapest isn’t always best - especially when it comes to something you depend on for your vehicle.

    While spelling your company’s name out in marker lights can probably wait, skimping on safety, effectiveness, and durability shouldn’t be up for negotiation. This especially applies to the starters and alternators - two of the key components necessary for powering and moving your truck.

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