air brake system

  1. 9 Step Air Brake Check for Truckers

    Why is Air Brake Testing Important for Truckers?

    To look at a big rig, you’d never guess that a vehicle with that size and weight can merge, turn, and maintain smooth driving control at highway speeds, but the unique skills that truckers have make all of that possible so America can keep running.

    Part of acquiring a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) means getting tested on air brakes so every new driver gets on the road knowing exactly how a heavy-duty vehicle’s complicated air brake system works. But even after you get your CDL, you should still brush up on your air brake knowledge and skills because you never know where you’ll end up during delivery and in what weather conditions. Whether you’re reviewing the necessary skills for CDL air brake testing or just wanting to brush up, here’s a nine-step air brake test to keep you confident on the road.

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  2. Gladhands: The Superheroes of Your Air Brake System

    Your Tiny But Mighty Gladhands

    The Mighty, Mighty Gladhands may sound like the name of a really cool band, but they’re actually small coupling components that heavy-duty truckers use every day. And although it’s easy to not give your gladhands much thought, they’re more important to the safety and success of your journey than you realize.

    Whether you’re a short-haul or long-haul truck driver, if you drive a rig that uses an air brake system, you’ll want to become comfortably acquainted with your gladhands.

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