You’re moving a major haul down the highway, radio on, sun shining, wheels turning. You’re making great time so you think you might have room for a long lunch in between the journey. But in the back of your mind, you feel like you’re forgetting something. It’s on the tip of your tongue but you can’t remember what it was you needed to do. So you try and brush it off and keep driving.

Now you’ve lost your peace of mind because you can’t quite remember what it was that you forgot. That lunch doesn’t quite hit the spot and now you feel you’ve got a pit in your stomach. But before you can remember what it was, your engine starts to slow down, and before you know it you’re on the side of the road. You get it into the shop and it looks like an issue with your fuel and engine – which is when it hits you – you haven’t changed your fuel filters in who knows how long.

Don’t Be The Guy That Doesn't Check Fuel Filters

Take this as your official reminder. Check your filters! Fuel filters, air filters, and oil filters are some of the most forgotten parts to check and are often omitted from routine inspections. They’re incredibly easy to replace and save your engine from so many problems. Not checking your filters is like removing your safety net during a trapeze act, it’s very risky!

What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

It’s not as much about protecting the filter as it is what the filter is protecting. A quality fuel filter protects your engine from excess debris, water, and rust, just to name a few. Should you be using a filter that’s not picking up 99.9% of this contaminants, then you’re looking at a failed engine.

While we could write an entirely separate blog post on how expensive a failed engine is (not to mention all the wasted profit in downtime), I can guarantee you it’ll cost you more than the 20-50 bucks you’d pay for a fuel filter.

What Are the Signs of a Bad Fuel Filter?

You should be replacing your fuel filters every 15,000 miles, and if you wait anywhere to the 30,000-35,000 mile range then you’re definitely pushing it. If you can’t remember the last time you checked or replaced your filters, then I think you have your answer right there on whether you need to replace them or not.

OEM Replacement Fuel Filters

Luberfiner filtration systems are one of our most trusted suppliers. Their oil filters provide up to 98% efficiency while their air filters remove up to 99.9% of airborne contaminants. Their fuel filters specifically not only protect your fuel system from those contaminants I mentioned earlier, but they also eliminate microbial growth that’s present in modern biodiesel fuels. Put all that together and you have your engine and its accompanying systems running as smoothly and cleanly as possible.

Luberfiner’s “built to do more” mentality aligns perfectly with our “heavy-duty everything” motto.

Where’re The Filters?!

We’ve got the all the Luberfiner filters you need here. Find the filter that fits to your engine and application and get that peace of mind back.

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