Truck Headlight Replacement

It’s National Safety Month

Memorial Day Weekend was the kick-off to Summer with an influx of tourists on the road; and while this is a somber holiday, most Americans use it as a date to travel. As such, Memorial Day becomes one of the most dangerous holidays to drive. Safety can mean different things in different industries; but in the trucking industry, safety means staying ahead of vehicle maintenance for the well-being of drivers, passengers, and nearby motor vehicles. This Safety Month, we want to discuss truck headlight replacement.

Why Replace Headlights

You may have noticed that the days are getting longer with sunrise beginning just after 5:00AM each morning. Since the days will continue to get brighter, many truckers would ask the question “Why would we care about replacing our headlights?” For one reason, truckers still need to travel throughout the night; and while the nights are getting shorter, truckers need to remain alert to construction signs and unstable road conditions. Second, deer birthing season is in May and June; and Bambi and the rest of the deer herd can be oblivious to vehicles when they spot food nearby or want to cross the street. Lastly, June is a wet season with the first day of the month beginning Hurricane Season for the Atlantic. This means that the skies will become increasingly darker as the rain looms in. All these factors can lead to why you should consider replacing headlights in big rigs sooner than later.

When To Replace Headlights

The signs may or may not be clear as to when to replace headlights in big rigs. Drivers with LED lights may not notice they have a problem while driving unless they inspect their truck’s lighting equipment. After all, LEDs can be used even with burnt out diodes. However, if the lights are becoming dimmer and dimmer, and are flickering, it’s time for replacement.

If you are considering replacing headlights, but may want to switch lighting equipment, consider the below options.

The Types of Headlights

LED lights, halogen lights and incandescent (traditional) lights are the top three lighting equipment options on the market for big rigs and while the jury is still out on which type of lighting reigns superior, we can give you information for you to make the best decision for your needs.

Match Made HeadlightsWe will start with incandescent lights. These lights are the cheapest, but they are the least beneficial to drivers. They have a yellow glow that does not offer much clear scope of landscapes. The appeal is that they do not draw much attention from passing car drivers and won’t be an eyesore to them.

LED lights are one of the most popular types of headlights - and for good reason. These lights offer blue-white optics that allow for a wider, clearer scope of roadways for truckers to see signs, wildlife movements and road instabilities. They last 10 times longer than halogen lights, produce less heat and consume 85 percent less electricity. And drivers can continue to cruise the road even with burnt out LED diodes (for now with the current laws). At first glance, it may be a bright idea to buy LED headlights, but there are some disadvantages like the cost of getting brighter lights and the brightness factor itself which can be a distraction for nearby drivers.

On the flipside, halogen lights offer a gentle mix of both LED and incandescent with a similar yellow-white tint of traditional lights making them an attractive option to drivers. The difference between halogen and LED lights is in the view of land. While LED lights allow drivers to see from side to side, halogen lights offer a clearer scope from the front. This means that drivers will be able to see visibly ahead but they will need to pay extra attention to side views. The headlights can become foggy over time due to weather exposure making the lighting dimmer as a downside. Nevertheless, halogen lights last approximately 500 hours and are both DOT and SAE approved with less power and more energy efficiency used.

Is It Easy to Replace Headlights?

Changing headlights in large trucks is simple. Since the lights are held in place by wire clips or bayonet-style retainers, the lights can be quickly popped out and changed for new working lamps.

Best Brands for Headlight

We wouldn’t steer you wrong, there are many great brands on the market for replacement headlights, but when online shopping, consumers tend to look at price and warranty as key factors in making the best buying decision. If this sounds like you, then choose Match Made. Match Made lighting and signals are easy to install, low cost and come with a desirable warranty to give customers peace of mind. When it’s time to replace headlights, choose Match Made for safety.