Top States For Truck Speed Traps

It’s Operation Safe Driver Week

We get it. You have places to be and deadlines to meet; and summertime is when all the “crazy drivers” come out that don’t know how to use turn signals; don’t know where they are going; or plainly just aren’t paying attention to their surroundings. It’s enough to get your blood pumping; and, in order to get the heck out of there, you may think the best approach is to floor it. But that will only lead to trouble down the road.

While the numbers dropped 20 percent between 2019-2020, speeding violations remains the highest moving violation for truckers. Therefore, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, along with federal law enforcement representatives, stages an annual event called Operation Safe Driver (going on now: July 11-17, 2021) to inform truck drivers of speed-related fatality crashes and to teach them to keep their emotions in check while driving their big rigs. Some states crack down on top speeds more than others. Here are the top states where speed traps are most prominent.

Commercial Truck Speed Trap Enforcement

When we think of wacky car drivers, some license plates may stick out in our minds: Florida, New York, New Jersey, Ohio; and maybe even California; and it isn’t anything against these folks – we think they just need to cool it on the road. But truck drivers won’t be making the same quick lane shifts as these types of drivers. After all, driving a tractor-trailer is not the same thing as driving an F-350 diesel pusher.

As depicted in the below image from our friends at Overdrive Magazine, the main corridor that runs between Atlanta and Chicago will take drivers through states where law enforcement officials mostly crack down on speeding vehicles. While there are 20 states where truckers receive the most moving violations, the 14 highlighted states mark where truck-dedicated troopers wait for truckers to make their next moving violation. These states include:

Top States For Truck Speeding Violations

Indiana, what?

Surprisingly, Indiana has the highest percentage of truckers with speeding violations in the country at 22.4 percent. Speed enforcement increases in Delaware at 17.1 percent; and at numbers 19 and 20, are Vermont at 5.3 percent and Tennessee at 4.9 percent. This isn’t a proud moment.

Truck Moving Violation Repercussions

You could be in hot water if you receive speeding tickets leading to CDL revocation. Exceeding the speed limit by 15 miles per hour or more is considered a serious violation in all states for commercial motor vehicles (CMV) and can offer drivers anywhere from no immediate suspension (first serious traffic violation) to a minimum of a 60 day license removal depending on the time period (second violation within three years). If a third violation occurs within three years, drivers are looking at 120 days of CDL revocation. While CMV speeding convictions will usually “go away” after three years, the violations may show on a driving record for some time and be visible to employers. And, did we mention fines? You could be looking at $230-500. Not worth it!

Say No to Speeding

We all can get frustrated driving sometimes; and if you are thinking about speeding to get away from those crazy summertime tourists on the road, just don’t. It isn’t worth risking your CDL license. After all, as you know, there are crazy drivers everywhere you go.