Need To Repair a Fan Clutch? You’ve Got Options

When it comes to the safety and performance of your truck or fleet, you have to consider all repairs equally important, from the orifice tube in your AC to your drivetrain. But one pairing that should take a high priority and careful decision-making is the relationship between your engine and your fan clutch.

The science behind this marriage is simple: there’s a lot of pressure put on your engine, and it’s the job of your fan clutch to kick in and cool things down before the engine overheats. Whether you’ve got a thermal, non-thermal, or electronic fan clutch, sooner or later, this critical part is going to need some attention. And regardless of whether it needs an efficiency upgrade or a repair, you don’t necessarily need to eat the cost of extensive repairs or downtime.

Horton fan clutch repair kits improved performance

The Benefits of Horton Fan Clutch Kits

You know the drill: when your fan clutch is acting up, it’s time to take the truck into a service bay so you can either replace the whole thing or however many separate components you may need to get it operational again.

But what if I told you that there’s a faster, easier, and more cost-effective way to not only get your engine cooling system back into working order but also extend the life of your fan clutch?

Horton fan clutches are currently trusted in millions of OEM and aftermarket applications worldwide, and when you need a quick fix or upgrade, Horton repair kits can help make the difference between downtime and on-time.

Horton upgrade or repair kits feature:

  • Preassembled components for simple and fast installation
  • OE-approved for repairing DM Advantage fan clutches or upgrading legacy technology
  • Reliable operation, long life and reduced maintenance for heavy-duty, medium-duty, and off-road equipment, buses, and vocational trucks

Types of Horton Fan Clutch Kits

Repairing or upgrading your fan clutch should be easy, and Horton offers two quick kits to help you achieve the industry’s smoothest fan drive engagements:

  • DM Advantage On/Off Quick Kits. These can be used to upgrade legacy Horton DriveMaster On/Off fan drives to DM Advantage technology. DM Advantage On/Off kits include everything that’s needed to completely rebuild your fan drive including a double-row angular contact (DRAC) sheave bearing.
  • DM Advantage Two-Speed Quick Kits. The two-speed quick kits by Horton can also upgrade legacy On/Off and two-speed technology to DM Advantage technology. In addition to the DRAC bearing, these quick kits also include carbon tip, double O-ring cartridge seals and a fail-safe design.

Friction liner kits, seal kits, bearing kits, and other varieties of fan drive kits are also available to fit your specific trucking needs.

Where To Buy Horton Fan Clutch Repair/Upgrade Kits

Our full haul of heavy-duty everything includes not only new and reman Horton fan clutch systems, but also whichever Horton fan clutch repair or upgrade kit you need to get your truck up and back on the road.

Backed by 75 years of fan drive engineering, design, and experience, Horton fan clutch kits are the solution you need to make sure your truck or fleet maintains optimal performance without sacrificing the life cycle of the critical components.

Shop online with us today to find the Horton repair or upgrade kit you need to take care of business, or create an account with us and see for yourself why truck and fleet owners come to us for parts that are built to last and delivered fast.

Key Points: Repair or Upgrade Your Fan Clutch with a Quick Kit

Horton repair kits

  • The importance of your fan clutch to the engine cooling system means that every repair is critical
  • When your fan clutch needs a repair or upgrade, you don’t necessarily have to anticipate extensive cost and downtime
  • Horton upgrade and repair kits are a fast, easy way to either repair existing Horton fan clutches or upgrade legacy fan clutch technology to optimize efficiency
  • DM Advantage On/Off and Two-Speed quick kits come with preassembled components and can be used to fully rebuild a fan drive

Order online with us or contact us today to find out more about how Horton upgrade or repair kits can help you keep your business where it needs to be — on the road.