ADAS Technologies For Safety

Mitigate Crashes With ADAS

Distractions are everywhere from the flashing text message and mouthwatering burger to the billboard with the pretty lady. Yes, truckers can be easily distracted while driving big rigs. Accordioning to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, seventy-one percent of truck accidents are caused by distracted driving. Wouldn’t it be great if there were technologies available to help drivers remain alert? There are and they are called Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. These programs mainly focus on collision avoidance and help reduce the number of crashes on roadways. Learn more about them now.

Types of ADAS Technologies

WABCO OnGuard ProductsADAS technologies are made available to reduce human errors and decrease accidents. While these technologies lend a helping hand to drivers, they do not do the driving for them. There are four types of ADAS technologies: Adaptive, Automated, Monitoring and Warning – each serving a specific function.

Adaptive ADAS help vehicles make small adjustments based on the environment around them. An example of an Adaptive System may be cruise control (ACC) that acknowledges surrounding driver speed and adjusts the truck’s speed accordingly to maintain a safe distance.

Automated ADAS can help drivers by taking control when help is needed most such as in emergency situations. Automated ADAS is available in most modern trucks and cars and offers automatic braking alerts and capabilities.

Monitoring ADAS is the surveillance truckers are looking for to recognize safety concerns while driving. This is done through cameras and/or sensors. Think blind spot view mirrors and safe exit assist sensors but it could also be traffic sign recognition, as another example.

Warning ADAS are automated technologies that offer real time alerts that measure speed, distance, angle, and other safety variable among vehicles. If impending danger, these warning systems let drivers know with an audio alert giving the driver plenty of time to make necessary changes to driving style. Lane-Departure is a popular type of warning system for truckers.

Do ADAS Technologies Work?

Some drivers may be skeptical to try ADAS in-cab; however, ADAS are proven to reduce road crashes and fatalities caused by human error. These technologies respond faster than distracted drivers. We reiterate that drivers with ADAS installed should continue to remain alert and maintain a safe distance from nearby motor vehicles.

Where To Find ADAS Technologies

WABCO is an industry leader in ADAS technologies best known for OnGuard; OnLaneAssist and OnSide Blind Spot Detection Systems. These technologies are easy to install and come with a desirable warranty. For the driver who loves looking at billboards or craves a juicy burger while driving, try ADAS technologies now. Click here for more National Safety Month safety tips.