Yes, yes, yes we sell truck parts. Don’t panic. Nothing has changed on that front. But neither has the fact that we are indeed heavy-duty everything, and that everything goes way beyond truck parts. So for this post, we’re gonna take a left turn from our regularly scheduled programming, and talk a bit about our friends at sea.

I’m talking those of you out there on the waves guiding a beautiful barge across the waters, whether for a fun day on the water with family or maybe just an early morning fishing trip for one. Regardless of what you use it for, you want the comfort and peace of mind that your ship is going to last the entire day with power to spare. Enter: Odyssey Battery.

Odyssey Marine Batteries

Nowadays, your boat needs to power more than just a motor. As we continue to grow through this technological age, more and more accessories and applications are part of the voyage. Large speakers, television sets, marine motorsports – the list goes on. Conventional marine batteries just don’t cut it anymore. Odyssey Marine Batteries have two to three times the life, and twice the power as the conventional choice.

The list of accomplishments doesn’t end there for the Odyssey Battery. Conventional batteries can lose 2 hours or more of time on the boat, while Odyssey batteries can last much longer before they need a charge. In any case, Odyssey is the clear choice for your marine voyages.

Marine Battery Application Guide

Odyssey AGM Batteries can apply to a wide range of aquatic applications, but it also fits compactly in specific makes and models quite perfectly. Major brands like Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Polaris, TigerShark and Sea Doo are just some of the personal watercraft applications that Odyssey is a direct fit for.

In all cases, the Odyssey Battery is so powerful that it can support loads of electrical uses related to your sweetheart on the sea.

Where Can I Get These?

We have Odyssey Marine batteries and chargers available now. Read up on these AGM batteries so that you can grab the battery that’s perfect for what you need it for.