Replacement Mirrors and Cameras

Truckers Can’t Always See You.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 840,000 blind spot accidents occur each year resulting in 300 deaths. Drivers that are cutting off trucks and swerving in and out of lanes are putting everyone at risk of injury. If a small car is within 30 feet of a truck, chances are the truckers cannot see the driver with enough time to react. During pre-trip planning, we suggest inspecting mirrors and cameras to reduce the chances of accidents this season.

Mirror Replacement

We admit, mirrors may not be at the top of everyone’s pre-trip inspection list, but they should be in the summertime. Driving at highway speeds in a semi-truck is risky enough; but now you must worry about blind spots from tourists and everyday drivers. Truck mirror laws vary by state, and it is wise to learn state mirror laws before hitting the road – even if this is not your home turf. For example, Georgia, Illinois, Colorado, and Kentucky have laws requiring one or two additional mirrors that reflect a rear view of at least 200 feet behind your rig.

Velvac Blind Spot MirrorsIf you are considering replacing mirrors, explore the different types of mirrors available on the market such as blind spot mirrors (with blind spot technology with light on the side mirror), convex mirrors (round mirrors that are used on the rear or side) and towing mirrors (expand farther than regular vehicle mirrors for towing a trailer) to name a few. Checking mirrors for minor and major damage is the first step to ensuring safe travels. If there are any cracks that could affect visibility, then you will want to replace mirrors without hesitation. Then, take the time to research mirror options and their features. Some mirrors have neat features like built-in lights and even heating elements that clear away snow in the wintertime.

Replacing mirrors is quick and easy. Simply remove the retaining clip that holds the mirror in place, unscrew the cover and install the new bushings (if needed), screws and mirror. If using heated mirrors, be gentle with the wire connection to avoid damage to them.

Consider Installing Cameras

Velvac Camera SystemsTruckers install cameras for several reasons, but a top reason is for legal protection. If in an accident, truckers can declare fault and provide accurate details of the incident. Another reason to install cameras is for back-up assistance. Backing into a loading dock is nerve-wracking but a camera can tell drivers how far they can go. The devices also let drivers know the progress of unloading and loading materials. They are great to have while driving for blind spot coverage.

Black-and-white or colored camera systems come in several sizes; are waterproof; run on 12DVC of power; and may include integrated heating features to tackle cold weather.

Buying Mirrors and Cameras

Velvac has been a leading supplier of truck mirrors and cameras since 1934 and continues to impress customers with their line of blind spot mirrors, convex mirrors, West Coast mirrors and accessories. When shopping for replacement cab chassis parts, consider turning to one of the best names in the industry – Velvac.