How To Customize Splash Guards

Why Customize Mud Flaps?

You see those rubber things dangling from trucks? Those are mud flaps; and they aren’t just for show. Mud flaps, also known as splash guards, serve as a protective shield on semi-trucks – keeping dirt, rust and grime off undercarriage parts while defending truck’s paint from kicked-up rocks. While some would argue that mud flaps are not necessary, others would highly suggest installing them across all heavy-duty vehicles as they have been shown to reduce drag by 8 percent (via a study from UT-Chattanooga SimCenter)– with the right material, of course.

If you have decided that mud flaps are a must for your big rig, then you may decide to customize them for your vehicle. The most common reason why truckers customize splash guards is to advertise their business; but only 15 percent of 30 million trucks in North America are stamped by quality advertising! The next is because they want to add a splash of color to their vehicle and make them standout from the traditional black mud flap. Here are things you should know about mud flap customization on trucks.

Steps to Customize Mud Flaps

Semi Truck Splash GuardsIt’s more than just attaching your logo.

You will need to first consider the material you wish to use (this may depend on the budget and design dimensions you have in-mind). There are mud flaps on the market made from rubber as well as poly material; and these mud flaps have different printing processes and benefits – but we’ll get into that in a bit. The material you choose for your mud flap may determine which colors are available for your design – of course, custom colors can be applied at an additional print charge.

When thinking about color options, you will need to consider how it will look against your logo – making sure that the colors do not take away from the logo. After all, your logo should stand out against the background color.

You will need to determine the size of your design and the thickness. This will all come back to your budget.

Finally, your artwork. Your beautifully advertised logo will be screened/stamped onto the mud flap for all to see – and remember!

Best Mud Flap Material

The most common mud flaps are made from rubber, PVC or plastic material. Rubber mud flaps are more resilient to kicked-up debris than other types of mud flaps; however, the downside is that they will not stand up to harsh weather environments like other kinds. These mud flaps cannot be hot stamped; but instead, are ink sprayed through screens to create design work. Silkscreen printing offers limited stock color choices, as well.

Plastic mud flaps are ideal for vehicles that do not require much protection; but they are least liked by truckers. If budget is a concern, there are economy mud flaps on the market that may be of interest.

As for poly mud flaps, they have properties that are resistant to road chemicals, grease oils and salts making them a long-lasting solution. This type of mud flap can be hot stamped using heat and pressure. More color options are available for poly mud flaps over rubber mud flaps, too.

Ready to Customize?

Mud flaps are not only protective armor for the truck’s underbelly, but they are fun to customize. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, consider advertising with a custom mud flap design! Contact your account manager to get started.

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