Clutches were built to be efficient and to keep you safe. The reason we have clutches, whether they’re manual or self-adjusting is to ensure that when we’re driving on the road our engine is moving our wheels when we want it to and only as fast as we want it to.

In layman’s terms, just because our wheel stops, doesn’t mean we want our engine to stop, and if our engine is running, that doesn’t necessarily mean we want our wheels to be churning. In heavy-duty trucking that’s even more prevalent, as we want you to move your cargo as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Do I Need To Replace My Clutch?

Absolutely, after enough time has passed or if you start to experience transmission problems. Here are some things to look for

  • Your engine is racing but your truck’s speed isn’t keeping up
  • Your clutch pedal is making more noise than the rest of your truck
  • Pushing the pedal doesn’t feel natural, it’s either shaky or too stiff

What Do I Do When My Clutch Is Broken?

This one isn’t rocket science people – when you’re clutch breaks down, you buy a new one and replace it. We’ve got an excellent, high-quality choice to replace them.

Meritor All-Fit Clutches

Meritor All-Fit Clutches are the best of the bunch when it comes to replacing your clutch. In Meritor’s words, “Quality is a given,” with these clutches. Each of these clutches features high=performance friction material that’s exclusive to Meritor which will provide you superior functionality on the road as well as durability for the miles to come.

All-Fit Self-Adjusting Clutches

If you’re dealing with a hydraulic linkage system, then self-adjusting clutches are the way to go. With self-adjusting clutches, you don’t have to deal with regular clutch adjustments, which is going to eliminate any downtime that comes with manually adjusting the clutch.

The self-adjusting clutch works like this: when the clutch disengages, the release bearing travel eventually increases past its built-in lost motion window. The Self-Adjusting clutch will compensate for this wear and reposition the release bearing. All-Fit Self-Adjusting clutches will also never over-adjust, so you can drive with a little extra peace of mind.

All-Fit Manual Clutches

The manual clutch will always exist and be available to drivers and riding manual is something that will never truly die. These clutches are just designed to make those gear transitions smoother and more comfortable.

Meritor’s All-Fit Manual Clutches are disc designed for superior vibration control. The clutch is designed to last longer, from its springs to the clutch pedal. It also has a strap driven pressure plate that reduces any noise while giving you a smoother release. What more could you ask for?

Where To Buy

We have these Meritor Clutches for your entire fleet, or just one if you need it. Just filter through our clutches here and make sure you’re specing for the clutch that’s right for your truck’s application.