Trucker Path Best Worst Highway Corridors

Where Can I Eat?

Truckers get used to asking the important questions to themselves: “Where is the next gas station?”, “What is the speed limit?”, and of course, “Where can I grab a bite?”. Trucker Path, a trucking technology company, determined the best and worst U.S. highway corridors based on trucker feedback and availability of amenities. Here are the top picks.

The Best and Worst U.S. Highway For POI

Trucker Path Highway Corridors“When we first came up with the idea, I thought, there will probably be a little bit of variance, but because the sample size is so big, it’ll probably smooth out and be about the same across the board,” Chris Oliver, chief marketing officer at Trucker Path, said when the data was released Sept. 15. “But when we looked at it a little bit closer that wasn’t the case, it’s a pretty significant spread.”

When it comes to points of interest (POI) including truck stops, weigh stations, truck washes, scales, hotels, repair shops, dealer centers and retailers (TT News), the I-80 corridor reigns supreme with an average rating of 3.06 out of 5 stars. The data found that I-90 was a close second for best U.S. corridor. The I-45 corridor received the worst ranking at 2.38, according to Trucker Path. The second lowest was I-85 with a 2.47 rating. It marked 300,000 locations within a quarter mile of select corridors.

Truck Path uses geofencing and other technology to make the lives of truckers easier during pre-trip planning and during the ride. Truckers using the technology app can help other truckers by answering important questions like “Is there sufficient parking?”

Pre-Trip Planning

Whether you have been to your destination or not, it’s always best to plan your route including alternative paths. It’s always a good idea to check locations of major points of interest including fuel pumps, food chains and repair centers.