What is a Power Steering Pump?

Love the way your car handles and maneuvers, no matter what speed you’re going? You have your power steering system to thank. The power steering pump makes sure that steering fluid reaches the power steering system. It works through a slotted rotor that rotates, allowing the fluid to enter the pump. Once there, the fluid enters a reservoir and assists the steering gear in applying the right amount of pressure to turn the wheels smoothly.

Everything’s great when your truck is handling well, but when it’s not, it could potentially lead to further damage and compromised safety in the future. Catching the early warning signs of a defective power steering pump can help mitigate further repair costs and reduce the likelihood of an accident.

Signs of a Bad Power Steering Pump

Your truck’s power steering pump is one of those parts that you don’t really think about – or might not even be familiar with – until something goes wrong with it. Regardless of whether you’ve ever seen a power steering pump or not, it’s prone to wear and tear just like your truck’s other parts, and eventually it’s going to need some attention.

When your truck’s control starts to feel off, several different issues could be to blame. But knowing the early warning signs of power steering pump failure can help you narrow down what may be happening with your vehicle.

1. A Whining Noise When You Turn the Wheel

If you’re experiencing a whining noise whenever you try to turn your steering wheel, this may be a sign that there’s a leak in the power steering pump. The power steering fluid level may also be low. Keeping an eye on power steering fluid levels and topping off as needed can help you identify if there’s a more serious issue going on.

2. Steering Wheel Feels Stiff

signs of a bad steering pump

As a truck driver, you need to have the full range of your steering wheel in order to safety maneuver your vehicle at highway speeds, last-minute turns, and other challenging driving situations on the road. So, when your steering wheel feels stiff when you turn it, it’s a big deal. This could be a sign that your power steering pump is failing, and it should be serviced immediately before you get yourself into an unsafe situation.

3. Steering Wheel is Slow to Respond

Another big red flag for your power steering system is if the steering wheel is slow to respond. When seasoned drivers think about some of the most dangerous driving decisions they’ve had to make to avoid an accident, how would those situations have ended if the steering wheel didn’t respond in time?

If you’re noticing that your vehicle is not responding at the same time you’re turning the steering wheel, a faulty power steering pump may be to blame and it’s time to get it looked at.

4. Squealing During Ignition

When you turn your key in your truck’s ignition and get greeted by a squealing noise, your vehicle may be trying to tell you that your power steering pump is bad. Hearing this same squealing noise during sharp turns is another indicator that something may be off with this critical component.

5. A Groaning Noise

A trucker’s ear is finely tuned to all the noises and vibrations coming from their big rig, and an audible groaning noise is no exception. When there’s a loud groan that you can’t ignore, your power steering pump may be to blame. Ignoring this noise or putting it off until the damage gets worse is easy to do in the moment, but the unexpected repair costs and downtime aren’t worth it.

Replacement Power Steering Pumps When You Need Them

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