Underestimating Your Floor Mat Can Cost You

With all the grit, road salt, and other elements that drivers track into their vehicles throughout the day – not to mention the inconvenient coffee and food spills that frequently happen during a typical busy day in the industry - it’s no secret that a floor mat is necessary to protect the floors and cab.

But many owner/operators and fleets make the common mistake of expecting a cheap rubber mat to give long-lasting protection when in actuality, the money you save with a low-cost floor mat may actually be costing you money in the long run.

1. Your First Line of Defense Against Cab Corrosion

When you think of cab corrosion, you’re probably thinking about the road salt that affects the undercarriage during the winter months. But corrosion can also follow drivers inside the cab by way of their boots and not having adequate protection on the floors. At a recent task force session held by the Technology & Maintenance Council, Cab and Controls Task Force Chairman and Minimizer Regional Sales Manager Tim May noted that corrosion inside the can affect multiple safety features in addition to the floor:

 “Corrosion can weaken the mounts. Wire connection can cause shorts and damage sensors. …Seat belt retractors not allowing the seat belt to operate properly. … Perspiration corrosion in the floors and seams that may allow exhaust fumes to enter into the cab,” he said.

Having an exact-fit floor mat specific to your make and model ensures that the entire floor space is protected at every corner, and tray-style floor mats like the ones manufactured by Minimizer make it easier to trap seasonal de-icing chemicals that come into the cab and cause corrosion and quicker to clean the chemicals from the mat and also reinstall it for the next journey.

And if you think that If you think corrosion is an issue that mostly affects older trucks, think again. Within the last few years, fleets have reported rolling up the cab rugs in trucks that are only two or three years old and finding an alarming amount of corrosion already eating away at the floors.

2. Protecting the Aesthetics and Integrity of Cab Floors

As trucks go through their service life cycles, it’s understood that there will be a little wear and tear, but the condition of the floors isn’t something that you need to lose money on when it comes time to sell. Investing in an exact-fit floor mat even when the truck is brand new can protect its aesthetics and integrity driver after driver, mile after mile.

This is especially true for fleets that lease their equipment – protecting the look and integrity of the cab floors means fewer per unit fines for dirty carpets and in-cab wear and tear, which can run from $500-$2,000.

Generic rubber mats provide a thin layer of protection against the elements for the cab floor, but over time the effects of not having a mat that completely wraps around the cab floor and provides a snug fit at each angle become evident. When your truck looks good, you look good.

3. Driver Satisfaction

A tray-style Minimizer floor mat benefits the vehicle and the vehicle owner, for sure, but let’s also talk about the driver. This is the person who must deal with the dirty floors and spills. Making it easier to contain and clean floor mess makes the driver’s day a little bit easier and ensures they’ve got one less thing to think about throughout their hauls.

When your drivers see that you’re investing in your vehicles and maintaining their appearance and quality, that can help create loyalty that fleets need – especially during a time of widespread driver shortage where the turnover rate for drivers is about 95%, according to CNN Business.

Model-Specific, Exact-Fit Floor Mats by Minimizer

Keeping your drivers happy and your cab free from corrosion and wear can help set you up for long-term success, and Minimizer’s “tested and tortured” floor mats can get you there with:

  • Exact-fit specs down to the specific make and model of your vehicle
  • Retention hooks to keep the floor mats in place after installation
  • A design that allows quick removal and easy cleaning
  • A lifetime guarantee

In our full haul of heavy-duty everything, we carry Minimizer floor mats for International, Peterbilt, Volvo, Kenworth, Freightliner, and more with the exact fit information you need to choose the right floor mat for your vehicle.