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  1. Choosing the Best Radio for Your Semi Truck

    Choosing the best radio system for semi trucks

    Radio Systems for Semi Trucks

    When we think about truck maintenance and repairs, the last thing on our mind is our stereo system. However, the invention of the car radio in 1930 was made for truckers like yourself. After all, music and talk radio not only keeps you guys (and gals) awake while driving, but it keeps you sane during long-haul trips.

    Choosing the best radio for semi-trucks is more than just aesthetics and sound quality. You will need to be able to properly install it; choose one with the features you want; and find a brand that has a good reputation for audio systems. Let’s explore what you should look for in a good truck radio system.

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  2. How Winter Affects Your Air Brake Lines

    The Importance of Your Air Line System

    The blue and red coiled lines that run from your tractor to your trailer are pretty to look at, but they also both serve extremely important functions. The red air line is for the trailer’s emergency brake, while the blue air line is for the trailer’s service brake. Having an air brake system ensures that coupled vehicle units, such as a tractor and trailer, both have braking capability.

    Most in the trucking industry learn how to successfully attach and secure air lines to their corresponding couplers, but for truck and fleet owners that operate in winter climates, it’s important to know the potential hazards that bitter cold conditions can have on your air brake equipment.

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  3. 3 Common Myths About Diesel Technology

    Common Myths About Diesel: Debunked

    There are a lot of topics in the trucking industry that change and evolve every year, and diesel is one of them. The preferred fuel for heavy-duty trucks due to its slow-combustion and ability to efficiently burn at moderate temperature, the first truck with a diesel engine was produced in 1908 by what is now Detroit Diesel. Since then, diesel technology has continued to grow and evolve.

    With conversation growing around emissions-related environmental concerns, the emergence of hybrid vehicles, and other big changes to the trucking industry, there’s been speculation about how diesel fuel and diesel technology will change and it can be hard to know what's true.

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  4. Shock Maintenance For School Bus Safety

    Shock Absorbers For School Bus Maintenance

    School Bus Maintenance

    District school bus maintenance fees cost approximately $5,500 per year; and the cost of maintaining school bus fleets can cost an additional $1500 per bus in labor. When we, as parents, send our children off to school, we want them to get on a school bus that is complete with the finest mechanics and truck parts that money can buy. After all, school buses are carrying precious cargo, our children.

    While wheel and engine components are important to regularly care for, school absorbers are often overlooked but are equally as critical for maintaining a proper functioning suspension system. Here’s what school bus fleet drivers should know about shocks for the safety of their passengers.

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  5. How a TruTurn® Brake Drum Can Prevent Unexpected Downtime

    Brake-Related Issues: A Top Reason for Downtime

    Back in 2007, the “Large Truck Crash Causation Study” by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that brake-related issues led to 29% of semi-truck accidents. That may have been 14 years ago, but accidents and unexpected downtime due to braking issues remain high today.

    Seasoned truckers know that even if your brakes work fine during a pre-trip inspection, that doesn’t mean all of the components of your brake system are operating at peak performance. And the best way to start your haul with confidence is to trust the parts you’ve got on your truck or fleet – including your brake drums.

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  6. JIT Truck Parts™ Announces Launch of Match Made® Starters and Alternators

    Match Made Electric Rotating Products


    Chicago, IL (January 2021): JIT Truck Parts™, a national aftermarket truck parts distributor directly servicing national, regional and local fleets, is pleased to introduce a full line of 12-volt starters and alternators under JIT’s private label Match Made®. These products join an expanding collection of OEM replacement Match Made® truck parts for many types of heavy-duty commercial vehicles and applications.

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  7. Can I Drive With a Bad Alternator

    Can I Drive With a Failing Alternator?

    I have a Failing Alternator

    If you find that your big rig won’t start, then your starter has gone bad; but if your engine is slow to crank, and you hear odd noises coming from your engine, then chances are you have a failing alternator. While failing parts is never a good sign, the good news is that you may have just enough energy to run to a service station.

    Reconsider your actions if you plan to ignore that illuminating battery warning light. Here’s what will happen if you drive with a bad alternator for too long.

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  8. 3 Trucking Terms to Know in 2021

    New Year, New Focuses for Trucking Companies

    Whether you’ve successfully taken down your Christmas tree or not, we’re already midway through the first month of 2021. Amid all of the usual stress of budgets, logistics, Coronavirus impacts on business and health/safety protocols, it’s time for trucking companies to also start planning their big money moves.

    Keeping your truck or fleet on the road with minimal downtime and maximum on-time deliveries takes constant attention and strategy and keeping these trucking terms in mind can help you stay ahead of the game this year.

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  9. JIT Truck Parts Adds Match Made Shock Absorbers to its heavy-duty truck parts offering

    January 6, 2021 - CHICAGO, IL - JIT Truck Parts™, a leading e-commerce platform for aftermarket heavy-duty truck parts, is pleased to introduce an exclusive new line of shock absorbers under our private label brand, Match Made Parts®. Match Made Parts are designed to drive value with risk free after- market, all-makes heavy-duty premium truck parts.
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  10. Heavy-Duty Bestsellers for 2020 and What's Coming in 2021

    8 of Our Bestselling Heavy Duty Truck Parts for 2020

    Whether you call 2020 chaotic, unprecedented, or just plain unpredictable, it’s finally wrapping up. As we all look back on the journey we took together this year, we’re also looking at some of our top sellers that helped the hard-working men and women in the trucking industry not only get from point A to point B, but also get home again safely.

    Here are ten of our bestselling semi truck parts for 2020, and stick around for a few exciting new brands and products we’ve got lined up for the new year!

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