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  1. Sock-et To Me: A Guide To Our Wide Selection of Sunex Sockets

    We have a LOT of different sockets from our friends at Sunex, and we have you covered whether you’re looking for an entire set or you lost the one that you need today. However, if you’re looking for one socket, it can be daunting finding that one needle in the haystack.

    What you need is a guide, a magnet to pull the correct needle from the haystack you’re looking for. Something to tell you what each of the sockets are and what they do. Well I did you all a service and wrote it out for you and how to find each of the parts.

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  2. How Meritor Clutches Come Through in the Clutch For Your Truck

    Clutches were built to be efficient and to keep you safe. The reason we have clutches, whether they’re manual or self-adjusting is to ensure that when we’re driving on the road our engine is moving our wheels when we want it to and only as fast as we want it to.

    In layman’s terms, just because our wheel stops, doesn’t mean we want our engine to stop, and if our engine is running, that doesn’t necessarily mean we want our wheels to be churning. In heavy-duty trucking that’s even more prevalent, as we want you to move your cargo as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

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  3. A Match Made In Heaven: High Quality Parts Meet Affordable Costs

    Though we’ll disagree with this statement, we understand that sometimes it can be difficult ordering parts aftermarket. Finding the right part number to look for can be tough, and sometimes it’s not at the price point that you were looking for.

    That doesn’t mean you’re out of options, though. As long as you have the right cross reference number you can shop for replacements from several different brands, but even those can be at a premium. On the flip side, the less you spend on a replacement can lead to a shorter product life. So does a brand exist that can offer reliable parts at a price you don’t have to tighten the belt for? You bet there does.

    Enter: Match Made Parts

    Match Made Parts is a relatively new brand designed to bring quality aftermarket parts at an efficient a

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  4. 4 Signs Your Wheel Bearings Need Your Attention

    Reasons to Love Your Wheel Bearings

    Everybody loves when their bus, tractor-trailer, or truck is operating at peak performance with no weird vibrations, smells, or noises to indicate that something’s off. This is especially true in your wheel ends — when something’s broken or failing in the hub assemblies that literally keep your truck on the road, there’s no ignoring it or putting it off til next quarter’s expenses.

    If you’re one of the lucky ones, then you’ll go thousands of miles before you experience wheel end issues, and the little champions that help make this possible are your wheel bearings. A set of steel balls held together in a metal ring called the race, your wheel bearings are designed to fit cozily inside of the wheel hub — the hollow piece of metal at the center of the wheel.

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  5. PreSet Wheel Hubs Vs. Regular Wheel Hubs

    Wheel Hubs: Unsung Heroes and Easily Forgotten

    We talk about wheel hubs a lot, and for good reason — all too often, they get lumped into that category of parts on your vehicle that you don’t pay much attention to. Once the hubs are securely attached to the axle on one side and the tire on the other, it’s easy to put them out of your mind. They’re built to last for 100,000 miles, right?

    If there’s one thing that’s always a guarantee besides death and taxes, it’s the fact that most “set it and forget it” vehicle parts still need some degree of attention to avoid premature damage and failure. But your best line of defense is starting out with the best wheel hubs on the market — PreSet wheel hubs from ConMet.

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  6. America's Top 100 Gridlocked Roads and Your Brakes

    The Results are In: America’s 100 Most Gridlocked Roads

    Whether you’re a driver or a fleet manager, you know that there are certain highways and freeways across the country that you do absolutely everything to avoid. Traffic congestion and gridlocks can make or break having an on-time delivery, not to mention that it’s incredibly frustrating to go from cruising highway speeds to a slow crawl.

    Since 2002, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has been gathering data from over 1 million trucks. This data has been analyzed to reveal the most heavily gridlocked roads from over 300 specific locations.

    While bustling cities like Chicago and Denver predictably make the list multiple times, it’s New Jersey and Georgia that take the first two places for most congested according to the most recent ATRI reports:

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  7. Where Are The Filters? The Frequently Forgotten Truck Part

    You’re moving a major haul down the highway, radio on, sun shining, wheels turning. You’re making great time so you think you might have room for a long lunch in between the journey. But in the back of your mind, you feel like you’re forgetting something. It’s on the tip of your tongue but you can’t remember what it was you needed to do. So you try and brush it off and keep driving.

    Now you’ve lost your peace of mind because you can’t quite remember what it was that you forgot. That lunch doesn’t quite hit the spot and now you feel you’ve got a pit in your stomach. But before you can remember what it was, your engine starts to slow down, and before you know it you’re on the side of the road. You get it into the shop and it looks like an issue with your fuel and engine – which is when it hits you – you haven’t changed your fuel filters in who knows how long.

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  8. Top Shelf Truck Parts Club: Mitsubishi Electric Heavy Duty Alternator

    The Top Shelf Truck Parts Club is back in time to recommend the highest quality truck parts when you need them the most – during the heart of winter. During winter you can’t skimp out on quality and a reliable electric system is a must-have. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a truck-down situation out in the cold for who knows how long, and nobody wants that.

    One of the biggest players in your electrical system is your truck’s alternator. The alternator is key in transferring power to all of your truck’s electrical needs once the battery and the starter have successfully started the engine. With frequent starts and stops as well as increasing demand from other electrical applications from your trucks, having a reliable alternator maintains use and comfort for those long drives.

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  9. The Benefits of Using Heated Mirrors

    Tired of Poor Winter Visibility? Heated Mirrors Can Help

    As if bitter cold temperatures and hazardous road conditions aren’t enough to deal with during the winter, there’s the added challenge of keeping your mirrors clear. When snow, ice, sleet, and other winter weather creations begin to pile up on your side mirrors, it can become dangerous for both drivers and other road motorists on the road.

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  10. The Benefits of Fan Clutch Kits

    Need To Repair a Fan Clutch? You’ve Got Options

    When it comes to the safety and performance of your truck or fleet, you have to consider all repairs equally important, from the orifice tube in your AC to your drivetrain. But one pairing that should take a high priority and careful decision-making is the relationship between your engine and your fan clutch.

    The science behind this marriage is simple: there’s a lot of pressure put on your engine, and it’s the job of your fan clutch to kick in and cool things down before the engine overheats. Whether you’ve got a thermal, non-thermal, or electronic fan clutch, sooner or later, this critical part is going to need some attention. And regardless of whether it needs an efficiency upgrade or a repair, you don’t necessarily need to eat the cost of extensive repairs or downtime.

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