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  1. How to Decorate Your Big Rig for the Holidays

    How to decorate your semi-truck for the holidays

    Give Your Truck the Ol’ Holiday Razzle Dazzle

    For most people, it’s that period of time in between Thanksgiving and Christmas where serious holiday decorating begins. But for America’s backbone, the hard-working men and women in the trucking industry, it’s the busiest time of the year with retail and grocery deliveries that need to happen all over the country.

    But just because you’re on the road for the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t participate in holiday decorating and add a little holly jolly to your truck or vocational vehicle. Whether you’ve got a few bucks or a little more to devote to décor, you can deck the halls (or the sleeper) on any budget for your truck or fleet.

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  2. Tire Wear From Bad Shocks

    Tire Damage From Worn Shocks

    Bad Shocks Affect Tires

    It is never a good idea to drive your big rig with bad, well, anything; but driving with bad shocks is a definite “no, no.”

    Shock absorbers help keep heavy-duty trucks grounded when cruising on uneven surfaces and are especially important in the winter season when traction control is needed for the safety of drivers and nearby vehicles. After all, bad shocks affect tires and traction control. Did you know that? Keep reading to learn more.

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  3. Want To Be a Truck Driver?

    Truck Driving As a Career

    Truck Driving As a Career

    If you are the type that does not like to be chained to a desk, answering emails and phone calls day in and day out, then perhaps it is time to consider a career in trucking. We won’t lie to you; the life of a truck driver is not for the weak at heart. Truck driving as a career choice requires long hours; time spent away from family members and more fast food than you may desire at times. However, there are several reasons why trucking is a smart career choice.

    Discover why you should consider a career move as a truck driver.

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  4. What are Truckers Hauling for Thanksgiving This Year?

    What are Truckers Hauling for Thanksgiving This Year?

    During this time of blessings and gratitude, it’s easy for us to forget one fact - the holidays don’t happen without truckers. Period. From the plates we’re eating off of to the delicious bounty on the table, truckers brought it all to make sure you’re able to get all the trimmings you need for your holiday season.

    Thanksgiving and the December holidays are going to look a little different this year due to the pandemic, but America’s backbone – the trucking industry – is still going to be rumbling along cross-country to bring joy to America’s tables. So, what’s on the list of deliveries this year?

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  5. Thanksgiving Meal From Your Semi Truck

    Thanksgiving Meal Ideas For Truck Drivers

    Thanksgiving Meal for Truckers

    We are just days away from Thanksgiving Day; and while families all around the nation are preparing their Thanksgiving feast, truck drivers know they will miss yet another holiday with their loved ones because of work. Of course, not being around family and friends hurts; but we do offer good news for truckers: you won’t have to miss your favorite holiday meal.

    Sure, you could pull over for a Thanksgiving meal at a national food chain; but why spend the time finding a chain restaurant when you can prepare Thanksgiving right from your big rig? Thanksgiving dinner can easily be prepared from your truck with a few home cookware items; and while the idea of cooking in your truck may sound reckless at first thought, it is actually quite easy to do and will leave you with delicious leftovers (did someone say a Day After Thanksgiving sandwich?) The below recipes are not only easy to make but they are inexpensive! Follow these Thanksgiving truck recipes now.

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  6. 5 End of the Year Money-Saving Tactics

    The Tail End of 2020 Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

    If there’s one industry that’s been on a rollercoaster this year, it’s trucking. Thriving in some areas and facing struggles in others, truckers and fleet owners across the country have experienced just about everything this year. And just as death and taxes are certainties in life, so is the fact that your truck or fleet won’t wait until 2021 before something needs to be replaced.

    Whether it’s a burned-out headlight or an HVAC system that isn’t really operating at the temperature it should be, driver safety and comfort can’t wait until your new budget kicks in next year. But end-of-year expenses also don’t have to mean a downward spiral into the red for your trucking business. It’s possible to buy the quality of part you need at a manageable price with a little bit of know-how.

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  7. Cold Weather Impact On Your Truck

    Cold Weather Impact On Trucks

    Cold Temperatures and Trucking

    When the leaves begin to turn, and the weather reaches a comfortable temperature, is when making long-haul trips with the windows down becomes enjoyable. However, time spent driving like this will only last until about late November when the weather dips into more chilling temperatures.

    The cold weather may be a nice change of pace for you, but your heavy-duty truck will feel the negative impacts from the frigid temperatures even before the snow falls. Here is what you should know about the climate change on your truck.

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  8. Winter Survival Tool Kit For Truckers

    Trucker's Guide To Winter

    Truck Driver’s Winter Survival Guide

    The life of a truck driver is grueling: long hours on the road; sub-par quality fast food meals; and time spent away from family members. And, let us not forget about the inclement weather that you encounter on a regular basis. That’s right, customers do not care that a blizzard is coming; or that you are driving in below freezing temperatures. No, they just want their packages; and they want them now. If you have never driven in the snow before, let me be the first to declare the truth: nobody enjoys it; and it is not fun. Period. It is nerve-wrecking whether you are driving a smart car or a Freightliner.

    Winter will be here before you know it; and with the holidays coming up, your job as a truck driver just got a lot more demanding. You will need to carry essential items with you during long-haul trips to survive the winter season. Keep reading to see which items are must-haves to pack before hitting the road.

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  9. What Truck Drivers Do Not Discuss

    What Truckers Won't Discuss

    Behind That Hidden Smile

    Sure, truck drivers get to see some incredible views touring across the United States; but the life of a truck driver is far from glamorous. Behind the “You’re welcomes” and “Any time” grins are a life filled with coffee-infused days; long evenings and time spent in solitude. Keep reading to learn about the secret truths of a truck driver that they don’t mention.

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  10. Light Vs Medium Duty Starters - Which One Do I Need?

    Light Vs Medium-Duty Truck Classifications

    When you’ve got a class 8 heavy-duty truck, you know that you’ve got a heavy-duty truck. But light and medium-duty classifications for smaller trucks, RVs, and vocational vehicles can be trickier to distinguish – especially with slight discrepancies between numbers.

    In the United States, trucks are classified on a scale of 1-8 depending on the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). The higher the GVWR, the higher your vehicle classification is according to the current system.

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