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  1. Top Shelf Truck Parts Club: Mitsubishi Electric Heavy Duty Alternator

    The Top Shelf Truck Parts Club is back in time to recommend the highest quality truck parts when you need them the most – during the heart of winter. During winter you can’t skimp out on quality and a reliable electric system is a must-have. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a truck-down situation out in the cold for who knows how long, and nobody wants that.

    One of the biggest players in your electrical system is your truck’s alternator. The alternator is key in transferring power to all of your truck’s electrical needs once the battery and the starter have successfully started the engine. With frequent starts and stops as well as increasing demand from other electrical applications from your trucks, having a reliable alternator maintains use and comfort for those long drives.

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  2. The Benefits of Using Heated Mirrors

    Tired of Poor Winter Visibility? Heated Mirrors Can Help

    As if bitter cold temperatures and hazardous road conditions aren’t enough to deal with during the winter, there’s the added challenge of keeping your mirrors clear. When snow, ice, sleet, and other winter weather creations begin to pile up on your side mirrors, it can become dangerous for both drivers and other road motorists on the road.

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  3. The Benefits of Fan Clutch Kits

    Need To Repair a Fan Clutch? You’ve Got Options

    When it comes to the safety and performance of your truck or fleet, you have to consider all repairs equally important, from the orifice tube in your AC to your drivetrain. But one pairing that should take a high priority and careful decision-making is the relationship between your engine and your fan clutch.

    The science behind this marriage is simple: there’s a lot of pressure put on your engine, and it’s the job of your fan clutch to kick in and cool things down before the engine overheats. Whether you’ve got a thermal, non-thermal, or electronic fan clutch, sooner or later, this critical part is going to need some attention. And regardless of whether it needs an efficiency upgrade or a repair, you don’t necessarily need to eat the cost of extensive repairs or downtime.

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  4. More Than Just Truck Parts: Odyssey Batteries Boating At Sea

    Yes, yes, yes we sell truck parts. Don’t panic. Nothing has changed on that front. But neither has the fact that we are indeed heavy-duty everything, and that everything goes way beyond truck parts. So for this post, we’re gonna take a left turn from our regularly scheduled programming, and talk a bit about our friends at sea.

    I’m talking those of you out there on the waves guiding a beautiful barge across the waters, whether for a fun day on the water with family or maybe just an early morning fishing trip for one. Regardless of what you use it for, you want the comfort and peace of mind that your ship is going to last the entire day with power to spare. Enter: Odyssey Battery.

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  5. Keeping Emissions Clean: DENSO PowerEdge Diesel Particulate Filters

    DENSO Heavy Duty has been operating in North America for about 30 years now, dedicated to serving parts for commercial trucks and equipment. What they’ve mostly been known for is their rotating electric catalog, most recently in 2017, DENSO started pushing its new line of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs).

    DENSO partnered with Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. (CDTi) to manufacture these new filters while DENSO handled the distribution end. Frank Jenkins, the senior manager of the Heavy Duty Marketing Group for DENSO cites CDTi as a “clean-tech company that shares our commitment to product reliability.” CDTi is an emissions technology leader and has a multitude of experience with DPFs.

    DPFs are pivotal in emissions management for Diesel engines. One product of diesel engines, in particular, is soot and I don’t need to tell you how bad soot is for the air and for the environment. So DPFs catch and filer out the soot from the exhaust of the engine, thus cleaning up your emissions and extended the health of your engines and other parts of your vehicle.

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  6. AGM Batteries and Fuel Economy

    Truck Batteries and Fuel Economy

    We talk about fuel economy a lot, but this is a topic that’s currently a high priority for both truck owners and legislators alike. As more attention focuses on the trucking industry and the contribution of diesel emissions into the environment, the pressure is on to make big changes without sacrificing performance or power.

    From a truck or fleet owner perspective, having to adapt quickly to diesel emissions regulations while also trying to save on costs can make you want to hit the panic button. But there’s a way to focus on both, and it starts with your battery.

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  7. How Winter Affects Your Air Brake Lines

    The Importance of Your Air Line System

    The blue and red coiled lines that run from your tractor to your trailer are pretty to look at, but they also both serve extremely important functions. The red air line is for the trailer’s emergency brake, while the blue air line is for the trailer’s service brake. Having an air brake system ensures that coupled vehicle units, such as a tractor and trailer, both have braking capability.

    Most in the trucking industry learn how to successfully attach and secure air lines to their corresponding couplers, but for truck and fleet owners that operate in winter climates, it’s important to know the potential affects that bitter cold conditions can have on your air brake equipment.

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  8. Heavy Duty Everything Continues: Supplying Parts for Excavation and Construction Equipment

    If you haven’t picked up on our New Year’s resolution by now, it’s to define what “Heavy Duty Everything” means to us, because while everything is pretty self-explanatory, it’s worth it for you to know what we’re specifically talking about.

    This post we’re going to get done and dirty with heavy-duty and I mean like actual dirt. While it’s safe to assume we mostly deal in parts for trucks, a lot of truck parts apply to heavy-duty construction equipment as well. Whether you’re digging something up or knocking something over, the machine you’re using for it needs some heavy-duty parts to run, and we have those parts in spades.

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  9. More Than Just Truck Parts: Outfitting Your Shop With Help From Sunex Tools

    Believe me when I say, we’re heavy-duty everything – and not just truck parts. We’re here to serve not only the dealerships and owner-operators of the trucking industry, but we’re out to help the repair shops as well. And not only does any heavy-duty truck repair shop need spare parts, but they also need high-quality tools to equip them.

    Enter Sunex Tools, one of the leading brands of heavy-duty equipment, to round out the shop. We carry a vast of selection of power tools, jack stands and lifts, and just about every socket size you could ever think of. Here are just a few examples of our wide product offering from Sunex.

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  10. 4 Truck Parts Terms to Know in 2020

    Important Truck Parts Terms for 2020

    Now that the holiday festivities are over and it’s back to business as usual, chances are you’ve got at least a few trucks that need some parts replaced. With all of the ups, downs, booms and drops that happened within the trucking industry in 2019, it’s valid to want to err on the conservative side when shopping for replacement truck parts. But being careful about how you spend your first quarter budget doesn’t have to mean buying cheap and crossing your fingers that it fits.

    Aftermarket truck parts can seem like the Wild West, but clicking and ordering the cheapest options is a strategy that can come back to bite you. Knowing these different categories of truck parts can help you enter 2020 with more confidence and knowledge in your buying experience.

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