Product Innovations

  1. Clearance Sensing Vs. Stroke Sensing Automatic Slack Adjusters

    Automatic Slack Adjusters have become a standard part on heavy duty truck vehicles. In 1994, it became required by the U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard to have them on your vehicles. But that doesn’t mean all slack adjusters are made equal. There are two significant types of automatic slack adjusters, Stroke Sensing and Clearance Sensing, and it’s important to know which one is which.

    What’s The Difference?

    The difference is in the measurement. A slack adjuster on the surface is just a measuring tool that tells you how much give there is between the push of the brake pedal and where the brakes are applied. But there are two places that you can measure the effectiveness of a brake, the stroke of the brake being applied by the driver, or the clearance between the brake pad and the drum after the brake has been applied.

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  2. 3 Important Facts About Fuel-Efficient Parts

    What Does it Mean to be Fuel-Efficient?

    Traditionally, the goal of the trucking industry has been simple — deliver the freight safely and quickly. In the past, fuel costs were simply considered a means to achieve that end. But there are many aspects of the trucking industry that have changed over the last few decades, and chief among them is the emphasis on having fuel-efficient trucks.

    But what does that mean? Googling the definition can lead you down a super technical rabbit hole that you may not get out of, but simply put, the fuel efficiency of your truck refers to the relationship between how much fuel you’re using and how far you’re traveling. While investing in companies and parts that focus on improved fuel economy can be more expensive in the short-term, it can also lead to some serious wins and savings for your business down the ro

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  3. One For the Road - JIT Newsletter Summer 2019

    The Battery You Can Depend On for Your Fleet. Extreme Power, Performance, and Durability.

    With today's no-idling laws and high gas prices, fleet owners and managers are faced with a critical decision: reduce the number of vehicles in their fleets or instruct drivers to shut engines off and draw power from critical auxiliary accessories from the battery.

    The problem with the second option is that frequent deep discharges shorten the life of conventional Starting, Lighting, and Ignition (SLI) batteries. So gas savings are offset by the cost to replace them more frequently. The answer is the revolutionary ODYSSEY® battery. Thanks to its unique Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL)

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  4. 3 Easy Ways to Identify a Blower Motor Issue

    From Hot to Not: Knowing Your AC Blower Motor

    When your truck or fleet is on the road, you depend on a lot of small things to work correctly, like the vehicle starting on the first try. Something else you may take for granted is a refreshing blast of cool air coming out of your air conditioning vents when it’s hot and stuffy in your passenger cabin. When this doesn’t happen, it can not only be frustrating and lead to an uncomfortable journey, it can also signal trouble within your truck’s heating and cooling system.

    Knowing the major players in commercial vehicle heating and cooling can help you identify what might be going wrong with your AC so you can find the right part and fix the problem the first time around with minimal downtime to your business. The journey to understanding air conditioning components starts with the

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  5. Bring Your Wheel Hub into the 21st Century with ConMet PreSet Plus

    ConMet PreSet Plus Hubs

    When the Best Gets Even Better: PreSet Plus Hubs

    It’s no industry secret that Consolidated Metco has been one of the largest pioneers in wheel hubs since 1964, but the continued dedication to innovation and modern trucking needs is what keeps ConMet blazing trails in the commercial vehicle industry.

    ConMet made a name for itself by introducing the PreSet hub assembly to the commercial vehicle industry in 1995 — completely changing the way truckers and fleet managers viewed wheel hub replacement and service. But even though PreSet hubs have increasingly become the standard over the years boasting fewer labor costs and more convenience, ConMet wasn’t done yet. In 2011, the PreSet Plus wheel hub assembl

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  6. What is a ConMet PreSet Wheel Hub and Why Should You Care?

    PreSet Wheel Hubs: Changing the Game Since 1995

    Whether you’re a truck driver, fleet manager, or just want to learn more about how to get the most bang for your buck in your undercarriage, PreSet wheel hubs from Consolidated Metco are a great way to maximize your uptime.

    Wheel hubs — the assembly between the drive axle and brake discs or drums that securely attaches the wheels to the vehicle — have come standard on cars and trucks for years, but the PreSet wheel hub assembly from ConMet began pioneering hub technology in 1995. So, what’s the big deal? One type of wheel hub is just as good as the other, right? You may be surprised at how much of a difference a PreSet can make on your truck or fleet — a difference via increased uptime, decreas

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  7. What You May Not Know about Wheel Hubs

    ConMet Wheel Hubs

    What are Wheel Hubs?

    When you think about the most important parts of a truck, chances are you’ll consider the engine, the transmission, and other large parts. But a key player and undercelebrated hero of truck performance also lies literally where the rubber meets the road – the wheel hubs.

    Although a truck’s engine and transmission are essential for it to move, it’s not going anywhere without the wheels. A wheel hub’s job is to connect the wheel to the rest of the vehicle body. Hubs work hard to make sure your truck not only moves where you need it to, when you need it to but they are also responsible for the smoothness of your journey. If you’ve ever experienced the noise or feeling of your truck with a wheel hub that’s gone bad, then you understand just how i

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  8. How Mitsubishi Electric Earned Its Place In a Decades-Old Industry

    Mitsubishi Electric

    Mitsubishi Electric's Place In the Heavy Duty Truck Industry

    For decades, the heavy duty starter and alternator market have been dominated by the same names: Delco Remy, Leece-Neville, Denso, Bosch. So how did Mitsubishi Electric - a newer player in the heavy-duty truck industry - wind up with the most reliable products on the market?

    Let's face it - when you think Mitsubishi you think of sedans and crossovers that you may pass by on the highway. You don't expect the rough and tough raw power that you need in your Freightliner or Mack truck to come from Mitsubishi Electric. However, for the last 15 years, Mitsubishi Electric has created quite a buzz with their Diamond Power

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  9. What You Need to Know - AGM Batteries Vs Flooded Batteries

    AGM Battery Vs Flooded Battery

    AGM Battery Vs Flooded Battery

    There’s no denying that the current workforce is driven by “hustle culture” — an emphasis on productivity and efficiency, and the commercial vehicle industry is no different. With increased pressure from stakeholders to deliver more and deliver fast, drivers and fleet managers are often faced with a barrage of difficult problems to solve, including how to optimize the battery life of their trucks.

    Is it possible to cut down on towing and dead battery costs while also adhering to the no idling laws enforced in many states? The answer could lie within the battery itself. Chances are, like 50% of commercial vehicles currently on the road, your trucks are outfitted with a conventional flooded lead acid battery. But with advances in Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) ba

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