Product Innovations

  1. Why You May Be Underestimating Fan Clutch Remanufacturing

     Reman Fan Clutches: Lower Cost, Not Lower Quality

    Accepting that your fan clutch needs to be replaced can be tough when you’ve got hauls to deliver and other expenses to consider. But when your vehicle is overheating, your fan clutch is excessively loud, or if your fan clutch is causing extra drag on the engine that’s affecting power, it’s time.

    Although no one wants to have to buy a new fan clutch, we’ve got some good news — you don’t have to buy a brand-new clutch. Clutch remanufacturing is an active yet underestimated part of the heavy-duty industry, and when you buy reman, you’re buying a high-quality replacement without the high sticker price.

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  2. Velvac Has Got Your Back – With Advanced Rear-view Backup Camera Technology

    Contrary to popular belief, humans don’t have eyes in the back of their heads, and even if we did, we wouldn’t be able to see directly behind us due to the large trailer that we’re towing from our truck. Mirrors are helpful, but not even mirrors can show you what’s directly behind your truck, and with huge trailers can provide plenty of blind spots.

    So the backup camera was invented. Instead of another person directing traffic while the driver sticks their head out the window, we used nifty technology to put a camera that would show exactly where the rear of the truck was and how much space we had to work with. If your truck isn’t equipped with one, then you might be due for an upgrade, and we have the perfect brand.

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  3. How Grote Can Help Light Your Way, And Other's Too

    Darkness is everywhere these days, and people often fear the things they cannot see. Quite literally, it’s easier to feel comfortable when it’s dark out when you have a bright shining light to light your way. You feel more comfortable because you can see what you’re doing. Your less likely to miss a step, trip or drop something, and when truck driving gets late as it often does, comfortability means a lot.

    Not only that, but it’s driver safety month this June for truckers, and part of the responsibility of being a safe trucker is not only your own safety, but the safety of others around you, whether they be pedestrians or other vehicles. That’s why we want to promote products to you that promote safety, and we’ll be starting with lights!

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  4. Protecting Drivers During National Safety Month

    Remembering Truckers During National Safety Month

    Every year, the National Safety Council (NSC) designates June as National Safety Month. In an effort to save lives and prevent injuries “in the workplace and anyplace,” the NSC will be focusing on multiple topics this year, including driving. While it’s everyone’s responsibility to be responsible and pay attention on the road, it’s also important to remember our truckers and professional drivers during this month of awareness

    With exceptions to Hours of Service regulations and on-time delivery stress still affecting drivers due to the spread of Coronavirus, there are steps that trucks and fleets can take to ensure their safety as we all ride out this new normal together.

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  5. Haldex And Their Precise ABS Braking System

    In 1998, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA, for short) released new regulations that required that trailers use anti-lock braking systems (or ABS, as it’s commonly known). This was a measure to increase safety across the board, as ABS is a precise and electronically efficient way to smoothly stop your vehicle without the wheels locking up and your trailer from sliding and swerving behind you.

    While 1998 was over 20 years ago, we’re pretty positive that your truck operates on the same system today. But like any other parts or systems, some work better than others and are more reliable and efficient. So who better than to provide those service aftermarket for your truck than a brand that had been producing ABS systems for over 25 years before they were required in 1998?

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  6. Dura-lite = Dura-Heavy-Duty Air Coolers

    It’s getting warmer outside and as soon as you know it, the summer heat will hit everywhere. Sure, lots of folks will be staying inside in the air conditioning, but for truck drivers, the work never truly stops. Things still need to be delivered from one end of the country to another, and these workers don’t get to stay at home in their comfortable air conditioning.

    Neither do their trucks or their truck’s engines. Life for a truck’s engine is hard work and it rarely gets a break. The atmosphere within the engine itself needs to be at the perfect temperature always throughout an entire engine's journey. If you can’t trust your vehicle to keep the engine cool, then you’re risking an overheated engine. And if the metal heats up enough in the engine and the piston welds itself into the cylinder, then it’s done for good.

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  7. Spring Is Here – How Can You Save Money on Spring Brakes For Your Truck?

    The harsh winter has long since ended and now it’s time to outfit that truck with the parts it needs to surge through the spring and summer months. It’s time to do some “spring cleaning” for your truck and update the parts that have experienced some significant wear and tear after a long winter.

    Only this year’s spring is a little different than in years past. This year we're dealing with a global pandemic known as COVID-19, otherwise known as coronavirus. Every industry is taking a hit, and every business needs to save money anywhere they can. So this year’s “spring cleaning” might be a little different than in years past, but we have one solution where you can save some money without skimping on quality.

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  8. Save Your Tires And Stay Aligned With The Right King Pin Kit

    At some point in our driving careers, we realize our vehicle isn’t exactly driving straight – or to put it in better terms, driving straight doesn’t mean the steering wheel always looks straight. If you’ve been through it then you know what I’m talking about.

    Misalignment leads to plenty of other problems, from your axle to your tires. The key component of your steering system is the King Pin. I’m not referring to the leaders of any mobs or any villains from superhero movies, but rather the primary pivot that helps your vehicle steer from the wheel to the vehicle’s steering knuckles.

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  9. What Time Is It? Time To Clock Your Starter Motor To Your Engine

    The trucking industry has various terms and phrases known among the industry, and mostly they're pretty easy to understand. Right-handed parts are for the right side of your vehicle, left-handed parts are for the left side of your vehicle, your fifth wheel is actually a hitch and not even a wheel at all, etc. etc. So what does “clocking” a starter mean?

    Clocking a starter – in short – is rotating the flange that connects the starter to the engine so that the starter will fit in the specific truck application.

    Parts for heavy-duty vehicles for different applications have one thing in common: none of them are exactly the same. A Peterbilt truck and a heavy-duty Ford pickup wouldn’t have the same starter. In fact, one Peterbilt truck may not use the same starter as another Peterbilt built in a different year. Over time, it leads to a complex catalog of starters that fit long lists of applications, and for you, it becomes a mess to find the exact one that you need.

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  10. Filtering Out Fuel, Air and Oil Contamination In Your Truck

    These days, in all things there is an emphasis on stopping the spread of contamination. Stopping and preventing the spread of viruses and germs is a major focal point in today’s age. However, I’m not talking about social distancing or face masks. I’m talking about protecting your truck from contamination.

    I’m not suggesting that your truck is going to contract COVID-19 or coronavirus, but it can contract various contaminants in its air, fuel and engine components. Your truck needs to breathe and operate as cleanly as you do. The best way to do that is with high percentage filtration solutions, and we have just the thing.

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