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  1. Trucking and Coronavirus: Roadside Inspections Impacted

    The Latest for Trucking and Coronavirus: International Roadcheck Delayed

    The novel Coronavirus is continuing its spread across the United States, with nationwide cases experiencing a surge up to 85,000 according to CBS News — surpassing the number of cases in any other country, including Italy and China.

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  2. How Truckers Have Been Helping Coronavirus Efforts

    Trucking and Coronavirus

    Whether you’re working from home, reporting to an office, watching the news diligently or avoiding it altogether, the current topic of interest across the country revolves around the novel Coronavirus. With many companies and schools needing to pivot strategies and create distance-based solutions, there’s one major industry that’s not only still in action but has ramped up productivity — trucking.

    The work of truckers to bridge the gap between supply and demand is necessary all year long, but in the wake of household and medical supply shortages across the country, an unprecedented move are being made to make sure that resources are distributed in all of the areas that need them.

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  3. America's Top 100 Gridlocked Roads and Your Brakes

    The Results are In: America’s 100 Most Gridlocked Roads

    Whether you’re a driver or a fleet manager, you know that there are certain highways and freeways across the country that you do absolutely everything to avoid. Traffic congestion and gridlocks can make or break having an on-time delivery, not to mention that it’s incredibly frustrating to go from cruising highway speeds to a slow crawl.

    Since 2002, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has been gathering data from over 1 million trucks. This data has been analyzed to reveal the most heavily gridlocked roads from over 300 specific locations.

    While bustling cities like Chicago and Denver predictably make the list multiple times, it’s New Jersey and Georgia that take the first two places for most congested according to the most recent ATRI reports:

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  4. Keeping Emissions Clean: DENSO PowerEdge Diesel Particulate Filters

    DENSO Heavy Duty has been operating in North America for about 30 years now, dedicated to serving parts for commercial trucks and equipment. What they’ve mostly been known for is their rotating electric catalog, most recently in 2017, DENSO started pushing its new line of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs).

    DENSO partnered with Clean Diesel Technologies, Inc. (CDTi) to manufacture these new filters while DENSO handled the distribution end. Frank Jenkins, the senior manager of the Heavy Duty Marketing Group for DENSO cites CDTi as a “clean-tech company that shares our commitment to product reliability.” CDTi is an emissions technology leader and has a multitude of experience with DPFs.

    DPFs are pivotal in emissions management for Diesel engines. One product of diesel engines, in particular, is soot and I don’t need to tell you how bad soot is for the air and for the environment. So DPFs catch and filer out the soot from the exhaust of the engine, thus cleaning up your emissions and extended the health of your engines and other parts of your vehicle.

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  5. How Winter Affects Your Air Brake Lines

    The Importance of Your Air Line System

    The blue and red coiled lines that run from your tractor to your trailer are pretty to look at, but they also both serve extremely important functions. The red air line is for the trailer’s emergency brake, while the blue air line is for the trailer’s service brake. Having an air brake system ensures that coupled vehicle units, such as a tractor and trailer, both have braking capability.

    Most in the trucking industry learn how to successfully attach and secure air lines to their corresponding couplers, but for truck and fleet owners that operate in winter climates, it’s important to know the potential affects that bitter cold conditions can have on your air brake equipment.

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  6. How to Prevent a Truck Breakdown

    How to Prevent Truck Breakdowns

    It would be nice to sail through the year without any truck downtime at all, but we all know that that’s unrealistic, unfortunately. Although many truck or fleet owners do bake some unexpected downtime into their budgets, it’s still a super high priority to keep these costs and delivery disruption as low as possible.

    But while completely preventing truck breakdowns may not be possible, it is possible to maximize your uptime by doing some routine checks and inspections. Whether you train your team to commit to these inspections or perform them yourself, knowing what to keep an eye on throughout the year can help the life cycle of both your parts and your expense account.

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  7. 4 Truck Parts Terms to Know in 2020

    Important Truck Parts Terms for 2020

    Now that the holiday festivities are over and it’s back to business as usual, chances are you’ve got at least a few trucks that need some parts replaced. With all of the ups, downs, booms and drops that happened within the trucking industry in 2019, it’s valid to want to err on the conservative side when shopping for replacement truck parts. But being careful about how you spend your first quarter budget doesn’t have to mean buying cheap and crossing your fingers that it fits.

    Aftermarket truck parts can seem like the Wild West, but clicking and ordering the cheapest options is a strategy that can come back to bite you. Knowing these different categories of truck parts can help you enter 2020 with more confidence and knowledge in your buying experience.

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  8. The Applications That Make the Holidays Happen

    Thank Trucks, Buses, and Waste Management This Holiday Season

    The holidays are a good time to take stock of our blessings and all of the things we have to be grateful for. Sharing a rich holiday feast with the people we care in a warm, decorated house with gifts under a bright Christmas tree is the scene most of us have in mind this time of year, and in order to make that a reality, there’s a lot of work that happens behind the scenes.

    While it’s important to thank those who cook the food and buy the gifts that we enjoy, it’s also important to remember those who brought these things across the country for us to enjoy — the trucking, public transportation, and waste management industries.

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  9. What You May Not Know about Wheel Hubs

    What are Wheel Hubs?

    When you think about the most important parts of a truck, chances are you’ll consider the engine, the transmission, and other large parts. But a key player and undercelebrated hero of truck performance also lies literally where the rubber meets the road – the wheel hubs.

    Although a truck’s engine and transmission are essential for it to move, it’s not going anywhere without the wheels. A wheel hub’s job is to connect the wheel to the rest of the vehicle body. Hubs work hard to make sure your truck not only moves where you need it to, when you need it to but they are also responsible for the smoothness of your journey. If you’ve ever experienced the noise or feeling of your truck with a wheel hub that’s gone bad, then you understand just how important it is to find ones that last, like conventional hub assemblies and PreSet hub assemblies from Consolidated Metco.

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  10. Must-Haves For Buses in Winter

    The Importance of Buses In Winter

    Whether we’re talking about city buses, school buses, or shuttle buses, the importance of buses to safely get people from one destination to another cannot be understated. Safely navigating a bus through city and highway traffic on a regular basis is tricky enough, but during the winter, the stakes are higher with driver, passenger, and road safety.

    While driver training and intuition can make a big difference in winter bus driving, it’s also critical to not forget about the bus itself — namely, the parts that go into ensuring that buses can safely and effectively handle the adverse conditions of the season. As we head full-speed into a long winter, there are a few key parts and systems to keep in mind.

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