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  1. Do I Need to Replace My Fan Clutch?

    Why the Fan Clutch is Important: A Refresher

    There’s no question about why the engine is important for your truck or fleet, but it’s also important to remember that one reason your engine is running smoothly is because of the smaller parts working together to help it along. Your engine’s fan clutch cooling system is a good example.

    When your truck is in motion, the internal combustion engine heats up. While the production of heat is necessary for the engine to power your truck, if it gets too hot, it can lead to trouble unless the fan clutch and fan activate to cool the engine temperature down.

    Horton fan clutches

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  2. How To Beat CVSA Brake Inspections: Part 1 - Automatic Slack Adjusters

    Heavy duty trucks and transport vehicles are only making money when they’re driving on the road. The sooner a truck gets to its destination, the sooner it can pick up another load and go to its next destination. The faster a truck can get there, the more likely the fleet will be able to be awarded competitive jobs. To put it simply, more money is made when the truck is moving while money isn’t being made when the truck is “parked”.

    Roadside Inspections are one of the easiest ways to lose money, and there are a lot of issues that get flagged that could be in your truck's brake system right now. So we decided we'd "brake down" all of the most common braking issues in our new 5-Part Blog series. Throughout the journey will identify what inspectors look for, and how to identify issues before they cause your fleet heavy fines and extended downtime.

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  3. One For the Road - JIT Newsletter Summer 2019

    The Battery You Can Depend On for Your Fleet. Extreme Power, Performance, and Durability.

    With today's no-idling laws and high gas prices, fleet owners and managers are faced with a critical decision: reduce the number of vehicles in their fleets or instruct drivers to shut engines off and draw power from critical auxiliary accessories from the battery.

    The problem with the second option is that frequent deep discharges shorten the life of conventional Starting, Lighting, and Ignition (SLI) batteries. So gas savings are offset by the cost to replace them more frequently. The answer is the revolutionary ODYSSEY® battery. Thanks to its unique Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL)

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  4. The Big Deal About Viscous Fan Clutches

    What Do Fan Clutches Even Do?

    BorgWarner Viscous Fan Clutches for Fuel Efficiency

    One of the under-celebrated heroes of your truck’s power generation system is the fan clutch. Going back to Engine 101 for a minute, you know that an engine gets hot from all the pressure put on it. You also know that letting that engine overheat is not only dangerous to driver safety but can also cause serious damage to the vehicle. The cooling fan is what helps cool the engine down when things are heating up under the hood, but the fan clutch plays a key role in supplying the power behind that cooling fan.

    Just as engine cooling needs are different depending on your application,

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  5. The 3 Main Reasons Your AC Might Smell Bad

    Why Does My AC Smell?

    Your truck’s heating and air conditioning system may not be crucial to the overall functionality of the vehicle, but nobody can argue that it’s still one of the most important systems to keep in proper working order. A non-functioning or faulty HVAC system means the driver is either too warm or too cold and is probably distracted from the main task at hand — staying safe on the road.

    But even if all the essential parts and components of your AC system are working seamlessly together, there’s still one major problem that haunts thousands of AC systems every year — a funky odor coming through the vents from the blower motor. Although this issue may not affect the temperature of the air coming through, it’s still a seriou

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  6. What You May Not Know about Wheel Hubs

    ConMet Wheel Hubs

    What are Wheel Hubs?

    When you think about the most important parts of a truck, chances are you’ll consider the engine, the transmission, and other large parts. But a key player and undercelebrated hero of truck performance also lies literally where the rubber meets the road – the wheel hubs.

    Although a truck’s engine and transmission are essential for it to move, it’s not going anywhere without the wheels. A wheel hub’s job is to connect the wheel to the rest of the vehicle body. Hubs work hard to make sure your truck not only moves where you need it to, when you need it to but they are also responsible for the smoothness of your journey. If you’ve ever experienced the noise or feeling of your truck with a wheel hub that’s gone bad, then you understand just how i

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  7. How Mitsubishi Electric Earned Its Place In a Decades-Old Industry

    Mitsubishi Electric

    Mitsubishi Electric's Place In the Heavy Duty Truck Industry

    For decades, the heavy duty starter and alternator market have been dominated by the same names: Delco Remy, Leece-Neville, Denso, Bosch. So how did Mitsubishi Electric - a newer player in the heavy-duty truck industry - wind up with the most reliable products on the market?

    Let's face it - when you think Mitsubishi you think of sedans and crossovers that you may pass by on the highway. You don't expect the rough and tough raw power that you need in your Freightliner or Mack truck to come from Mitsubishi Electric. However, for the last 15 years, Mitsubishi Electric has created quite a buzz with their Diamond Power

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  8. What You Need to Know - AGM Batteries Vs Flooded Batteries

    AGM Battery Vs Flooded Battery

    AGM Battery Vs Flooded Battery

    There’s no denying that the current workforce is driven by “hustle culture” — an emphasis on productivity and efficiency, and the commercial vehicle industry is no different. With increased pressure from stakeholders to deliver more and deliver fast, drivers and fleet managers are often faced with a barrage of difficult problems to solve, including how to optimize the battery life of their trucks.

    Is it possible to cut down on towing and dead battery costs while also adhering to the no idling laws enforced in many states? The answer could lie within the battery itself. Chances are, like 50% of commercial vehicles currently on the road, your trucks are outfitted with a conventional flooded lead acid battery. But with advances in Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) ba

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  9. 1 For the Road JIT Newsletter - Winter Edition

    1 For the Road - JIT Newsletter Winter 2019

    Red Dot – They’re a lean, clean, green machine

    The need for environmentally friendly vehicles has increased radically as we learn more about the damage that fossil-fuels are doing to our environment and our health. There are more hybrid and battery-powered vehicles on the road than ever before. Manufacturers like Red Dot are finding new and innovative ways to make a big difference.

     Red Dot is actually quite green. They’ve debuted an all-electric HVAC unit for heavy-duty vehicles. Red Dot’s E-6100-0-24P HVAC unit, Top Product of the Year for 2018 by OEM Off-Highway Magazine, is an all-electric heavy-duty turnkey system designed for quick installation on the roof of the vehicle’s cab. Because the entire system is self-contained, the operator simply needs to provide pow

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  10. 1 For the Road JIT Newsletter - Fall 2018 Edition

    1 For the Road - JIT Newsletter Fall 2018

    We'd like to introduce you to ConMet. Now buckle up and hop in our time machine. We're going to the future. 

    Welcome. We hope you don’t mind that ConMet has been here awhile. With patented innovations, ConMet is the undisputed leader in the development of lightweight, high-performance products for the heavy-duty truck and trailer industry. They’re the leading supplier of wheel ends, aluminum castings, and plastic components for the commercial vehicle industry.

    ConMet logo

    Since 1964 ConMet has constantly been seeking ways to provide new and more efficient products, processes, and technology that change the way we run and maintain

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