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  1. 6 Insights About Distracted Driving

    The Emphasis on Distracted Driving

    Campaigns against distracted driving have been around for longer than cell phones have, but with roadways becoming busier and faster, and 5.27 billion people now using mobile phones, distractions are higher than they’ve ever been.

    According to the National Safety Council, 42,060 people died from motor vehicle crashes in 2020 – an interesting statistic because overall miles driven dropped 13% due to the pandemic, yet the rate of death spiled 24% over the previous 12-month period. With this in mind, fleet intelligence platform Omnitracs gathered some key insights in a study to highlight the escalated risk of distracted vs non-distracted drivers.

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  2. JIT Truck Parts Clearance Sale

    JIT Truck Parts Clearance Sale

    Hot End Of Summer Truck Part Deals

    Throughout summertime, truckers have been working diligently on repairs and routine truck maintenance to avoid downtime caused by overheating engines while keeping cool themselves. With the bulk of summer out of the way, truck drivers will need to switch gears and focus their attention on what lays ahead: cooler weather. Oh yes, Fall and the drop in temperature will be a welcoming change for truck drivers; but with the new season comes new challenges. To prepare for the shift, JIT Truck Parts is offering a list of select products on sale for truckers to order today.

    Here’s what you can expect to find on JIT’s clearance section.

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  3. Brake Safety Day Sidelines Over 1,100 Trucks

    Brake Safety Day 2021 Violations

    While some heavy-duty truck drivers may not have noticed that there was a one-day brake inspection blitz this past May, 1,151 vehicles learned about Brake Safety Day the hard way – by being put out of service.

    Commercial vehicle inspectors across the U.S. inspected 8,658 vehicles during the event on May 26th and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) President said in a previous statement, “We are sharing the results to call attention to the importance of commercial motor vehicle brake safety.”

    Although the U.S. saw a lot of vehicles put out of service for brake-related violations, Canada and Mexico conducted inspections of their own, and the rate of brake-related out of service vehicles for all North America was 12.6%. For the U.S. alone it was 13.3% while Canada had 11.4% and Mexico had 2.9%.

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  4. 5 Healthy Snacks For Truckers

    Healthy Snacks For Truck Drivers

    Bad Junk Food Habits

    Truckers are on deadlines and don’t have all the time in the world to sit down and eat nice entrées; so, they take the easier route: visiting a local fast-food chain. While fast food restaurants are convenient, and admittedly tasty, they don’t always provide the healthiest meal choices (even when salads are on the menu). Unfortunately, there are more overweight and obese truck drivers on the road than healthier ones.

    In Germany, a 2019 study found that only 24 percent of drivers were of normal weight out of the 404 truckers analyzed. While 62 percent of German truckers snacked on fruits; 50 percent munched on sausages. A declining percentage chose to eat raw vegetables and self-cooked meals, as well. A 2021 study out of China even linked bad snacking habits to unsafe driving among tired drivers begging the question: What can American truck drivers fuel their bodies with to keep them healthy, full and more alert on the road? Keep reading to learn about five healthy snacks that can be enjoyed right from the truck cab.

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  5. 10 of the Trucking Industry's Biggest Issues

    The Pandemic is Only Part of It

    It seems like longer than a year and a half since the Coronavirus pandemic began, and its effects on the nationwide economy and supply chain continue to send aftershocks across multiple industries, including trucking. But even though the global pandemic has changed the lives and livelihoods of millions, it’s only part of the problem when it comes to the biggest issues that are affecting the trucking industry. Researched and prepared by the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) in 2020, this comprehensive list covers what was “the most chaotic and unpredictable time period in many decades.”

     From a list of 29 critical trucking issues, survey respondents were asked to identify their top three choices as well as rank the proposed strategies that corresponded with each issue. This is the survey’s highest response rate since it began in 2005, with respondents ranging from carrier personnel to commercial drivers and other industry stakeholders.

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  6. Top 14 States For Truck Speeding Violations

    Top States For Truck Speed Traps

    It’s Operation Safe Driver Week

    We get it. You have places to be and deadlines to meet; and summertime is when all the “crazy drivers” come out that don’t know how to use turn signals; don’t know where they are going; or plainly just aren’t paying attention to their surroundings. It’s enough to get your blood pumping; and, in order to get the heck out of there, you may think the best approach is to floor it. But that will only lead to trouble down the road.

    While the numbers dropped 20 percent between 2019-2020, speeding violations remains the highest moving violation for truckers. Therefore, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), along with federal law enforcement representatives, stages an annual event called Operation Safe Driver (going on now: July 11-17, 2021) to inform truck drivers of speed-related fatality crashes and to teach them to keep their emotions in check while driving their big rigs. Some states crack down on top speeds more than others. Here are the top states where speed traps are most prominent.

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  7. 10 Reasons to Buy Truck Parts Online

    Why E-Commerce is Here to Stay

    Let’s face it – physically going to the store and shopping is becoming as outdated as writing letters. The convenience of Amazon and other e-commerce websites make it all too easy to find exactly what you’re looking for – and usually more – right from the comfort of your own couch.

    Committing to new earbuds and weighted blankets (worth it) through e-commerce are one thing, but what about truck parts? Can the experience of going down to the local parts shop be replaced with an online experience? The answer is yes and absolutely. U.S. e-commerce grew 44% in 2020 thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, and now that the benefits of shopping online have been fully realized over the past year, that number is expected to have continued growth.

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  8. JIT Truck Parts Now Offers Interstate-McBee Engine and Fuel System Parts.

    Interstate-McBee Press Release

    Chicago, IL: JIT Truck Parts™, a national aftermarket truck parts distributor directly servicing national, regional and local fleets, is pleased to announce it is growing the complete line of Interstate-McBee products supporting engines and fuel systems.

    JIT Truck Parts expansion of engine parts is designed for on-and-off highway vehicles with engine applications including Caterpillar®, Cummins®, Detroit Diesel®, and Navistar®. The engine kits and gasket sets are assembled in the USA and conform to ISO 9001-2015 design standards for quality assurance. Furthermore, our new product line is backed by 12-24-month warranties depending on the product.

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  9. Top States with Deficient Roads and Worst Vehicle Congestion

    America’s Interstate Highway System: Not Looking So Good at 65

    Last month, America’s interstate highway system celebrated its 65th birthday, and while it does its job of getting truckers across the country with high-priority deliveries, industry experts say it’s also in dire need of upgrade and investment.

    Every driver has a state or two that they absolutely hate driving through, but a recent report from non-profit transportation research company TRIP details which states are having an especially rough time with cracked pavement, deficient bridges, and congested urban areas.

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  10. Tire Safety Week 2021: Why Tire Pressure Matters

    Tire Safety Week 2021

    National Tire Safety Week 2021

    Often, the air in your truck’s tires can determine whether you have a good or bad day. Tire pressure will determine whether tires go flat on roads; how much fuel you burn; and how much downtime is at risk if you don’t make quick changes. Fleet owners and operators may not know just how important tire pressure is when performing routine maintenance on trucks; but the U.S. Tire Manufactures Association (USTMA) and Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC (Bendix) are here to tell you otherwise during National Tire Safety Week running from June 28-July 2, 2021.

    National Tire Safety Week is an annual sponsored initiative by USTMA aimed at providing essential information on tire care and maintenance to fleet drivers. With help from Bendix, fleets will be better equipped for long-haul trips. Here’s what you need to know for tire safety.

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