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Coronavirus COVID-19 Is here and many cities, states, and even countries have been feeling uncertainty. One thing remains certain, people need things... Everyday things that most of us take for granted throughout our modern lives like food, clothing, fuels for our automobiles and homes and countless other basic necessities. There is one industry that stands head and shoulders above the rest with real heroes doing everyday jobs. These men and women are part of the trucking and transportation industry and this blog is dedicated to them and the trucking industry in the age of Coronavirus.

  1. Coronavirus and Supply Chain Updates for Truckers

    The Continuing Journey for Truckers

    Since Coronavirus first reared its end at the beginning of 2020, it’s been a long haul for the nation’s 3.5 million truckers. While the rest of the world saw lockdowns and distancing, truckers have continued to keep the country running and supplied with grocery, paper, and essential medical items – and it doesn’t look like it’s over yet.

    With new variations of COVID-19 now making headlines in every state and new kinks in the already-struggling supply chain, the challenges faced by drivers, technicians, and fleet owner/operators continue to change a year and a half later.

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  2. Why You Keep Hearing About the Supply Chain

    The Lingering Effects of Coronavirus on the Trucking Industry

    We’re now at a phase of the Coronavirus pandemic when mask mandates are being relaxed nationwide and businesses are welcoming patrons at full capacity. The world seems to be returning to normal – so why is it that you just can’t seem to find a new V-band clamp, sensor, or other seemingly small parts with a decent lead time and price?

    While some aspects of the pandemic seem to be recovering, the U.S. chain supply has yet to see any relief from the multiple hard hits it’s taken since the beginning of the year. The shutdown of China’s ports as the pandemic first began to spread was just the beginning of what’s already been a long year for the supply chain, and we’re only halfway into the year.

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  3. Cab Cleaning Best Practices for Coronavirus and Beyond

    Let’s Be Honest: Truck Cleanliness isn’t a New Issue

    We can all agree that the inside of a truck cab isn’t usually the most hygienic place. But the age of Coronavirus has changed the topic from everyday dirt, trash, and cigarette residue and odor to one of overall sanitation and cleanliness – especially for fleets that use multiple drivers per truck.

    The pandemic has caused companies worldwide to rethink the way offices are cleaned and sterilized, but what about trucks? With as many long hours as drivers spend in their workspaces on wheels, how can we keep truck drivers and owner/operators safe? Hiring professional cleaning services for your trucks can be pricey, but a recent virtual meeting hosted by the Technology and Maintenance Council Cab & Controls Study Group revealed that best practices for cab cleaning are “a layered process.”

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  4. Trucking and Coronavirus: One Year Later

    The Coronavirus Pandemic Rolls On, And So Do Truckers

    March signified one year since the Coronavirus pandemic began, and while the past year has seen more people staying in and working from home than ever before, trucking and transportation workers have been on the front lines and adapting to ever-changing health and safety protocols while taking care of business.

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  5. When Can Truckers Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

    Trucking and Coronavirus Continue into the New Year

    The impact of Coronavirus on the trucking industry affected everything from the supply chain to logistics to health and safety protocols and beyond. The pandemic has followed us into the new year, and the nation’s truckers are still facing the challenge of not only keep America running but also of maintaining the health of themselves and their families.

    Paperless delivery methods, minimized in-person contact, and stricter sanitizing and safety measures are now pretty much the standard, but as the current wave of Coronavirus rolls on and the pressure remains on truckers to move essential medical and other supplies across the country, the question now is – when do these hard-working men and women qualify to receive the COVID-19 vaccine?

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  6. How Coronavirus Changed Trucking in 2020

    COVID-19 Impact on Trucking and Trade

    If there’s one thing the trucking industry never predicted this year, it’s the way the Coronavirus pandemic would turn supply chains, demand, and trade on their heads. Amid frontline workers such as nurses, grocery store employees, long-haul and vocational drivers have also been heralded as essential and critical to the country as we all continue to ride this wave of the virus.

    We’ve had our finger on the pulse of this pandemic since it first began, and what a ride it’s been for all of us. Let’s take a look at the ups and downs of coronavirus and trucking.

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  7. Trucking and Coronavirus: What's the Status?

    Trucking and Coronavirus: The Journey Continues

    With the United States still in the throes of the Coronavirus pandemic, the trucking industry continues to experience ups, downs, unexpected route and delivery changes, and a global economy that’s wobbly at best.

    America’s 3.5 million professional truck drivers and 8 million trucking employees continue to work hard on the front lines of the virus, and with COVID-19 not showing signs of stopping anytime soon, here’s a quick snapshot of what trucking looks like right now during the pandemic.

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  8. How Coronavirus Changed Trucking

    Truckers’ Journeys Through The Pandemic

    All frontline workers have had stressful experiences during the country’s passage through the Coronavirus pandemic, but the spotlight has fallen on truckers throughout the past few months. Between the long hours, last-minute route changes, stressful delivery expectations, and limited food and rest stop options that truckers have had to deal with since COVID-19 began its spread, the U.S.’s 3.5 million professional truck drivers have been among the heroes of this pandemic by driving into the epicenters of the virus to deliver essential medical, grocery, and paper products.

    As America still battles rising cases of Coronavirus, the trucking industry has already been reshaped by the virus, and probably for the long term.

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  9. Beat Driver Fatigue and Take Care of Yourself on the Road

    The Concern for Drivers During Coronavirus

    As America slowly reopens and gears up for a summer of canceled events due to the spread of Coronavirus, many of its 3.5 million professional truck drivers continue to work long hours and long hauls. The nationwide dependency on truckers to keep hard-hit areas stocked with medical supplies, groceries, sanitation products, and more has been an increasingly relevant topic, but with some drivers working harder and driving longer than usual due to FMCSA exceptions to meet these demands, many drivers may not be taking care of themselves as they should.

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  10. How Mechanics are Coping During an Extraordinary Time

    Vehicle Mechanics and Technicians are Increasingly Essential During Coronavirus

    Truckers have always worked hard behind the scenes to keep America running, and with the spread of COVID-19 — the disease caused by the novel Coronavirus — the transportation industry in America has become increasingly important. But what’s also critical during this time are those who keep our long-haul, short-haul, and last-mile delivery vehicles up — our nation’s mechanics and technicians.

    Vehicle maintenance and mechanic workshops were deemed “essential services” by the National Security Council, and while delivery trucks and vans continue to roll on in the battle against Coronavirus, life at mechanic shops also carries on.

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