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  1. The Brake Chamber Break Down


    If you drive a semi-truck, then you definitely have brake chambers in your air brake system. Are you hoping to learn more about the brake chambers in your semi-truck’s air brake? If so, you’re in luck! Our panel of expert trucking specialists has put together the following to help you learn more about the air brake chambers in your truck. Read on to learn more! 

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  2. CVSA Announces 2022 Roadcheck Inspection Dates

    2022 Roadcheck Inspection Information

    Get Ready for Roadcheck Inspections

    International Roadcheck is an annual commercial vehicle initiative set forward by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. The goal of the inspection program is to make sure truck drivers are up to date with maintenance work on their trucks for the safety of the drivers and motor vehicles around them by focusing on one category of truck parts each year.

    This 72-hour event in Mexico, Canada and the United States will run from March 17-19, 2022 and will focus on wheel ends. Here’s what truckers need to know.

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  3. What Are Slack Adjusters?

    Have you been wondering what you can do to make sure the slack adjusters in your air brakes are up to par? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn more about slack adjusters, how they work, how to adjust them, and what you need to do to ensure they are operating properly. Our expert trucking specialists have put together the following guide to help you increase your knowledge on the subject.

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  4. Why Buy Match Made Parts

    Why Buy Match Made Parts

    Match Made: Designed To Drive Value

    More often than not, the word "value" has a negative connotation attached with it. When we think of the word, other words like "cheap" come to mind; but that's not what Match Made is as a brand. Searching for truck parts online can be time-consuming and frustrating especially if you don't find the price point you are hoping for when shopping online on different websites - but that's where Match Made jumps into action.

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  5. 5 Tips on Maintaining Air Brakes

    parked trucks in a line

    Five Tips on Maintaining Air Brakes

    The air brake system is one of the most integral ways to ensure that your vehicle is safe on the road, especially during the winter months. You’ll want to be sure that your air brake system is maintained and kept in perfect working order. That way, you can be sure you are driving a truck that’s safe on the road. From the valves to the parking brake, there are a multitude of systems to check when you are making sure your brakes are well maintained.

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  6. Starter and Alternator Troubles

    Testing Starters and Alternators

    Is It My Starter or Alternator?

    The harsh winter climate can negatively affect the performance of vehicles; and often, heavy-duty vehicles have trouble getting their engines up-and-running in the cold. Rotating electric parts, like starters and alternators, may be the reason why. To find out, drivers will need to test the parts (along with the battery) to see which part(s) needs replacement before making long haul trips. Here’s what drivers should know.

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  7. Save Your Tires And Stay Aligned With The Right King Pin Kit

    At some point in our driving careers, we realize our vehicle isn’t exactly driving straight – or to put it in better terms, driving straight doesn’t mean the steering wheel always looks straight. If you’ve been through it then you know what I’m talking about.

    Misalignment leads to plenty of other problems, from your axle to your tires. The key component of your steering system is the King Pin. I’m not referring to the leaders of any mobs or any villains from superhero movies, but rather the primary pivot that helps your vehicle steer from the wheel to the vehicle’s steering knuckles.

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  8. Tire Pressure When It Is Too Cold

    Cold Weather Truck Tire PSI

    Fight Cold Weather Tire PSI Loss

    Cold weather can negatively affect the performance of trucks on the road including a decrease in fuel mileage. But what truck drivers may not consider is how the cold weather affects tire pressure. Proactive tire maintenance is a must for combating the harsh winter climate. Here’s what drivers need to know about cold weather and tire PSI.

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