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  1. 6 Ways to Improve Trucker Mental Health

    Mental Health Awareness for Truckers

    We all know truckers as the hard-working and dedicated backbone of America that just jump in their trucks and drive cross-country for days and sometimes weeks at a time. And while the adventure and solitude of the trucking life is bliss for many, life on the road can also come with high stress, loneliness, and other mixed emotions.

    May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it’s a good time to check in on how to improve mental health for America’s 3.5 million men and women who are currently out on the road.

    1. Driver Comfort and Performance Go Hand-in-Hand

    It’s true that a strong cup (or five) of coffee or a few energy drinks can help drivers focus behind the wheel, but when it comes to long-term driver performance, there’s more to consider. An uncomfortable driver is a driver that’s not fully present or performing as well as they could be, so in addition to their caffeinated beverage of choice, you can alleviate additional driver stress in multiple ways.

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  2. JIT Now Carries New Engine System Parts

    JIT Truck Parts Now Carries Dayco Engine System Parts


    Chicago, IL (April 2021): JIT Truck Parts, a national aftermarket truck parts distributor directly servicing national, regional, and local fleets, is pleased to announce it is launching the complete line of Dayco® engine parts online.

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  3. Cab Cleaning Best Practices for Coronavirus and Beyond

    Let’s Be Honest: Truck Cleanliness isn’t a New Issue

    We can all agree that the inside of a truck cab isn’t usually the most hygienic place. But the age of Coronavirus has changed the topic from everyday dirt, trash, and cigarette residue and odor to one of overall sanitation and cleanliness – especially for fleets that use multiple drivers per truck.

    The pandemic has caused companies worldwide to rethink the way offices are cleaned and sterilized, but what about trucks? With as many long hours as drivers spend in their workspaces on wheels, how can we keep truck drivers and owner/operators safe? Hiring professional cleaning services for your trucks can be pricey, but a recent virtual meeting hosted by the Technology and Maintenance Council Cab & Controls Study Group revealed that best practices for cab cleaning are “a layered process.”

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  4. Why Truckers Need ADAS Technologies

    Why Truckers Need ADAS Technologies

    Prepare For A Season Of Bad Drivers

    Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems like everyone has forgotten how to drive. Perhaps because folks spent months cooped up inside watching too many hours of the Fast and the Furious series. Whatever the reason, there are more accidents occurring on roadways, and more bad drivers out there than good ones. (But you aren’t one of the bad ones, of course.)

    Truckers will see an increase in traffic on major highways in the upcoming weeks ahead, with the kick-off of one of the busiest holidays to travel: the Friday before Memorial Day (May 31, 2021). As truckers cruise into the start of summer, it may be a good idea to consider ADAS protection products to help guide them safely on roads. Keep reading to learn what ADAS is and how it can help you stay safe moving forward.

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  5. FAQs About Wheel Bearings

    Why Worry About Your Wheel Bearings?

    It takes good fortune and a sturdy vehicle to travel thousands of miles across the country, and your wheels have a lot do with keeping your journey safe and smooth. Most of what we’re concerned about on our wheels is what we can see – does the tire pressure look good? Are there any cracks or scrapes that should be noted? Are all the lug nuts in place? Are all the tires still on the vehicle?

    But in addition to keeping an eye out for visible signs of wear and tear on your wheels and hubs, it’s also a best practice for fleets and owner/operators to know and understand when wheel bearings may be showing signs of early failure. Your wheel bearings fit snugly inside the wheel hub and reduce friction as your wheels spin while also supporting the vehicle’s entire weight. That’s a big job, but when you know your bearings, you increase your chances of addressing bearing issues before they lead to unexpected downtime, late deliveries, and lost revenue.

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  6. The Importance of Fan Clutch Replacement

    Why Replace Fan Clutch

    The Weather Is Heating Up

    After a harsh winter driving through snow, we can’t blame truckers for their excitement over the spring season; but with the changing season comes new challenges that truck drivers will face. Since the weather turned from bitter cold to a now more pleasant temperature, heavy-duty trucks require attention of certain parts - such as engine components - to prepare for the warm weather.

    One of the most common problems that truckers will face this season and moving into summer is with fan clutches and will become increasingly more noticeable as the days get hotter. Now is the time to talk about what the fan clutch does for your engine cooling system; the warning signs of bad fan clutch; and how to replace it on commercial vehicles.

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  7. 5 Things You Should Know About Truck Mirrors

    1. Mirrors On Big Trucks Are A Big Deal

    Even though your truck mirrors aren’t responsible for the power or mobility of your vehicle or fleet, they should still be given considerable attention. No matter what size truck you’re driving, there’s only so much you can see with the naked eye. Your mirrors amplify your visibility of not only the back of your truck but also what the drivers on both sides of you are doing. Mirrors are also your first line of defense in making sure you can change lanes safely and anticipate any road situations in which you have to stop or maneuver quickly.

    With so much to keep up with in your day-to-day driving and business, it can be easy to just jump in the truck and go without giving a second thought to the clarity, condition and setup of your mirror system, but when it comes to how and what you see, there’s a lot to consider.

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  8. 4 To-Dos for Your HVAC System Before Summer

    Time to Prioritize Your HVAC System

    It feels like we were just talking about winter driving not that long ago, but the official coming of spring last week means a few different things – the weather’s about to get nicer, the pollen’s about to wreak havoc on your allergies and cab exterior, and it’s time to get your HVAC system in peak performance.

    If you haven’t been thinking about your vehicle’s heating and cooling functionalities yet, you’re not alone. Springtime usually means the weather’s just right – not too hot, not too cold, and perfect for staying comfortable on the road. But doing some preliminary checks and maintenance on your HVAC system now can save you the distress of your AC blowing nothing but hot air during the summer. According to HVAC experts Red Dot Corporation, here are the major areas you should be optimizing.

    1. Leaks, Caps, and Valves – Oh,

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