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  1. Haldex And Their Precise ABS Braking System

    In 1998, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA, for short) released new regulations that required that trailers use anti-lock braking systems (or ABS, as it’s commonly known). This was a measure to increase safety across the board, as ABS is a precise and electronically efficient way to smoothly stop your vehicle without the wheels locking up and your trailer from sliding and swerving behind you.

    While 1998 was over 20 years ago, we’re pretty positive that your truck operates on the same system today. But like any other parts or systems, some work better than others and are more reliable and efficient. So who better than to provide those service aftermarket for your truck than a brand that had been producing ABS systems for over 25 years before they were required in 1998?

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  2. How Mechanics are Coping During an Extraordinary Time

    Vehicle Mechanics and Technicians are Increasingly Essential During Coronavirus

    Truckers have always worked hard behind the scenes to keep America running, and with the spread of COVID-19 — the disease caused by the novel Coronavirus — the transportation industry in America has become increasingly important. But what’s also critical during this time are those who keep our long-haul, short-haul, and last-mile delivery vehicles up — our nation’s mechanics and technicians.

    Vehicle maintenance and mechanic workshops were deemed “essential services” by the National Security Council, and while delivery trucks and vans continue to roll on in the battle against Coronavirus, life at mechanic shops also carries on.

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  3. Emergency Declaration Extended for Truckers, But How Many Fleets are Taking Advantage?

    Truckers Keep on Truckin’ During Coronavirus

    As the United States continues to try and slow the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the SARS-Cov-2 virus, there’s no question that the trucking industry has had to face a challenging environment. Between uncertain truck stop situations, closed restaurants, limited hot food options, and regulations that change frequently, the nation’s 3.5 million professional truckers have had a lot to keep up with in addition to trying to keep themselves and their families safe.

    With the economy starting to open back up in some states, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) has also made some new decisions regarding trucker Hours of Service.

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  4. Dura-lite = Dura-Heavy-Duty Air Coolers

    It’s getting warmer outside and as soon as you know it, the summer heat will hit everywhere. Sure, lots of folks will be staying inside in the air conditioning, but for truck drivers, the work never truly stops. Things still need to be delivered from one end of the country to another, and these workers don’t get to stay at home in their comfortable air conditioning.

    Neither do their trucks or their truck’s engines. Life for a truck’s engine is hard work and it rarely gets a break. The atmosphere within the engine itself needs to be at the perfect temperature always throughout an entire engine's journey. If you can’t trust your vehicle to keep the engine cool, then you’re risking an overheated engine. And if the metal heats up enough in the engine and the piston welds itself into the cylinder, then it’s done for good.

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  5. Vocational Drivers Are Still Working Hard During Coronavirus

    The Tough Road for Truckers is Shared by Vocational Drivers

    Since the spread of the Coronavirus began a few months ago, certain groups of workers have been recognized for their efforts on the front line, including healthcare and grocery store workers and truck drivers. While the efforts by all of these groups to keep America safe and stocked up on essential medical and grocery items cannot be understated, another group of dedicated workers has also been working just as hard but without the same amount of attention — America’s vocational drivers.

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  6. Spring Is Here – How Can You Save Money on Spring Brakes For Your Truck?

    The harsh winter has long since ended and now it’s time to outfit that truck with the parts it needs to surge through the spring and summer months. It’s time to do some “spring cleaning” for your truck and update the parts that have experienced some significant wear and tear after a long winter.

    Only this year’s spring is a little different than in years past. This year we're dealing with a global pandemic known as COVID-19, otherwise known as coronavirus. Every industry is taking a hit, and every business needs to save money anywhere they can. So this year’s “spring cleaning” might be a little different than in years past, but we have one solution where you can save some money without skimping on quality.

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  7. Truckers Receive Masks and Discounted Hotel Rooms During Coronavirus

    The Hard Reality of Trucking and Coronavirus

    It’s no secret that truckers have always been an essential part of America’s backbone, and that fact has been further emphasized with the steady spread of COVID-19 across the United States. The trucking industry has been a critical part of keeping states sufficiently stocked with paper products, groceries, PPE, and other essential goods directly related to Coronavirus relief.

    But although the 3.5 million professional truckers in this country have been working steadily amid possible virus exposure, multiple rules and regulations changes, uncertain availability of meals and rest stops, and other obstacles, more resources are pulling together to make sure truckers are taken care of while the U.S. continues to battle the virus.

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