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  1. AGM Batteries and Fuel Economy

    Truck Batteries and Fuel Economy

    We talk about fuel economy a lot, but this is a topic that’s currently a high priority for both truck owners and legislators alike. As more attention focuses on the trucking industry and the contribution of diesel emissions into the environment, the pressure is on to make big changes without sacrificing performance or power.

    From a truck or fleet owner perspective, having to adapt quickly to diesel emissions regulations while also trying to save on costs can make you want to hit the panic button. But there’s a way to focus on both, and it starts with your battery.

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  2. How Do Shock Absorbers Wear Out On a Truck?

    Lots of mechanical issues with your truck are easy to feel and see, and most often you can tell how they happened in the first place. Your tire is flat because you hit a curb. Your lights stopped working because the bulbs went out. Your oil leaks because you haven’t gotten it changed in 6 months. These are the easy ones.

    But what about your shock absorbers? You know you need to replace them eventually every couple years or some 50,000 miles but it’s not as easy to see wear and tear like it is on your tires or headlights. Read up on some tips from Monroe on what to look for in your shock absorbers to know when it’s time to re-up for a new set.

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  3. How to Prevent a Truck Breakdown

    How to Prevent Truck Breakdowns

    It would be nice to sail through the year without any truck downtime at all, but we all know that that’s unrealistic, unfortunately. Although many truck or fleet owners do bake some unexpected downtime into their budgets, it’s still a super high priority to keep these costs and delivery disruption as low as possible.

    But while completely preventing truck breakdowns may not be possible, it is possible to maximize your uptime by doing some routine checks and inspections. Whether you train your team to commit to these inspections or perform them yourself, knowing what to keep an eye on throughout the year can help the life cycle of both your parts and your expense account.

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  4. Heavy Duty Everything Continues: Supplying Parts for Excavation and Construction Equipment

    If you haven’t picked up on our New Year’s resolution by now, it’s to define what “Heavy Duty Everything” means to us, because while everything is pretty self-explanatory, it’s worth it for you to know what we’re specifically talking about.

    This post we’re going to get done and dirty with heavy-duty and I mean like actual dirt. While it’s safe to assume we mostly deal in parts for trucks, a lot of truck parts apply to heavy-duty construction equipment as well. Whether you’re digging something up or knocking something over, the machine you’re using for it needs some heavy-duty parts to run, and we have those parts in spades.

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  5. 5 Symptoms of a Broken Heater

    How to Tell If a Truck Heater is Broken

    We’re into the part of winter where temperatures have already started to dip into either very cold or freezing, and whether you live or just operate a fleet that drives in areas that experience true winter, a fully operational heater core is crucial.

    Whether your business is long-haul or short-haul trucking, keeping drivers warm is important not only for comfort but for safety as well. Any seasoned person in the industry knows that when it comes to trucks, there’s almost always something that needs to be looked at or tweaked, but knowing the signs of a broken heater core can help you and your truck or fleet get back up and back to business.

    1. There is Little or No Heat in the Truck

    It’s a common scenario but also a frustrating one — on a bitterly cold morning, a driver gets into the truck and cranks the heat, but instead of feeling that so

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  6. More Than Just Truck Parts: Outfitting Your Shop With Help From Sunex Tools

    Believe me when I say, we’re heavy-duty everything – and not just truck parts. We’re here to serve not only the dealerships and owner-operators of the trucking industry, but we’re out to help the repair shops as well. And not only does any heavy-duty truck repair shop need spare parts, but they also need high-quality tools to equip them.

    Enter Sunex Tools, one of the leading brands of heavy-duty equipment, to round out the shop. We carry a vast of selection of power tools, jack stands and lifts, and just about every socket size you could ever think of. Here are just a few examples of our wide product offering from Sunex.

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  7. 4 Truck Parts Terms to Know in 2020

    Important Truck Parts Terms for 2020

    Now that the holiday festivities are over and it’s back to business as usual, chances are you’ve got at least a few trucks that need some parts replaced. With all of the ups, downs, booms and drops that happened within the trucking industry in 2019, it’s valid to want to err on the conservative side when shopping for replacement truck parts. But being careful about how you spend your first quarter budget doesn’t have to mean buying cheap and crossing your fingers that it fits.

    Aftermarket truck parts can seem like the Wild West, but clicking and ordering the cheapest options is a strategy that can come back to bite you. Knowing these different categories of truck parts can help you enter 2020 with more confidence and knowledge in your buying experience.

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