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  1. The Why, Where, and When Of Washing Your Wheel Ends

    Why Wash Wheel Ends?

    Everyone knows that your truck or fleet needs a good scrubbing and power-washing every now and then, but have you ever thought about paying specific attention to your wheel ends? Don’t feel bad — this part of your undercarriage is typically an afterthought.

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  2. Fuel Tank Empty Inside? Here Are 4 Money Fueled Tips To Increase Your Truck’s MPG

    You essentially need two things to make a heavy duty truck go. First, you need a truck that’s able to start and stop, and second you need fuel to power it.

    Buying a truck is one thing, once you have it and it’s paid for, that truck is yours. Fuel on the other hand is something a truck will always need, and the more miles you can drive without filling up, the more money you can save. So let’s get down to it and save you some money.

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  3. Trucking Misconceptions: Are Truck Drivers Really Safe?

    Study Shows Major Public Misperceptions of Truck Drivers 

    It’s no secret that sharing the road with commercial vehicles makes the general public nervous, but according to a recent study, a high number of drivers of passenger cars and smaller vehicles also believe that commercial vehicles also pose a high level of danger.

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  4. Inspecting and Identifying Spring Brake Chamber Types

    Earlier we broke down all the different types of brake chambers, most of which are brought together in a spring brake system. But there are many types of spring brakes and ways to identify them that might get a little confusing.

    Know what to ask for and know what it looks like when you get it by looking at these identifiers.

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  5. Shopping For Truck Mirrors

    Replacing Truck Mirrors and Brackets

    It’s easy to underestimate the importance of your side mirrors until they need to be replaced. Like all of your truck’s operational systems, your mirror system consists of multiple individual parts that work together to make sure you can have a clear, crisp, wide and unobstructed field of vision while on the road.

    Whether you’ve got cracked glass or the whole mirror system is barely holding on by a thread, there are a few things to consider before ordering a replacement mirror.

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  6. Don't Fall For Autumn's Tricks - Preparing Your Truck For The Changing Season

    You hear it all the time - "Winter is Coming." But before we get there, we have to deal with Autumn along the way. Whether you're an experienced truck driver or it's your first year behind the big wheel, it's always smart to keep your truck outfitted with the best parts to combat the seasons. Now, let's get into some things you'll need to prepare to avoid the fall of autumn.

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  7. “Braking Down” The Different Types of Brake Chambers

    There are several different types of brake chambers that accomplish different tasks in different areas of the undercarriage of your truck. Knowing your rotochambers from your piggybacks (hint: both brake chamber types) will help you navigate you to the right parts you need for your truck.

    Not only will we show you some background on these parts, but we’ll also lead you towards some of the best options in the industry for your truck.

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  8. AGM Batteries and Fuel Efficiency

    What’s The Latest News About Diesel Prices?

    Starting in January 2020, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will reportedly take measures to cut back on sulfur emissions from ships. In the interest of climate change, ships will no longer be able to use fuels with a sulfur content above 0.5 percent — a huge reduction from the current sulfur content of 3.5 percent.

    What does that have to do with trucking, you ask? The new fuel that will be used by the maritime industry, also known as ultra-low sulfur diesel, is the same type of diesel used by the trucking industry. With ships currently using about 3.8 million barrels of fuel on a daily basis, the new IMO regulations will create a lot of new demand for the ultra-low sulfur diesel, which could potentially have a major impact on fuel prices.

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