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  1. When's The Last Time You Checked Your Wheel Hubs?

    Where Is The Wheel Hub Of A Truck?

    It may be a no-brainer that the wheel hub of your truck is located, you guessed it, on the wheels. But what exactly does the wheel hub consist of and what can you expect from it? For modern trucks and most trucks made after 1997, the wheel hub was standardized to include a mounting assembly, supporting lugs, and a wheel bearing. Many modern vehicles also include an electronic ABS sensor in wheel hubs.

    The wheel hub is the only part on your truck that actually secures the wheels to the vehicle, so even though it’s easy to forget about your hubs until something goes wrong, an 80,000-pound commercial vehicle can’t take the risk of a wheel hub blowing out on the road.

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  2. How To Beat CVSA Inspections Part 5 - Spring Brakes and Brake Chambers

    The final part of our brake inspection series ends in one of the earlier stages of the braking process: the brake chambers. If the chambers aren't pumping correctly, you're definitely on your way to defective and out-of-adjustment brakes.

    Like our other four posts in our series, we're going to show what the CVSA inspectors are looking for and how you can stay one step ahead.

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  3. Tips to Optimize Your Heating and Cooling System This Fall

    Fall: A Welcome Reprieve For Truck Drivers

    It’s finally September, and in addition to getting a break from the tropical storms and annual CVSA inspection events, truck drivers can now also enjoy a reprieve from the heat with Fall weather coming. While you’ve probably had the air conditioning on full blast for the past few months, you can now give your heating and cooling system a break as temperatures start to drop.

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  4. Top Shelf Truck Parts Club: The LifeSeal+ Combination Spring Brake

    It's Spring Brake for the Top Shelf Truck Parts Club members, and I'm not talking about a week off from work in March. I'm talking about the bonafide spring break systems that make your braking safe, efficient and effective.

    Here, we show off a Spring Brake system that's built for those who want the best out of their truck parts, not for the cheapskates that skimp on quality and safety.

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  5. How To Beat CVSA Inspections Part 4 - Camshafts

    Roadside Inspections are one of the easiest ways to lose money, and there are a lot of issues that get flagged that could be in your truck's brake system right now. So we decided we'd "brake down" all of the most common braking issues in our new 5-Part Blog series.

    Our second-to-last post will deal with one of the more forgotten parts of the brake system, the Camshaft. Though power and finesse aren't usually associated with this part, being able to detect issues with your brakes that have to do with the camshaft will keep you a few steps ahead of the CVSA fines.

    CVSA Inspection Recap

    If you haven't read the first post in this series, here are some need-to-knows as far as CVSA Brake inspections go.

    The 20 Percent Rule

    As defined by the CVSA the 20 percent rule is “The number of defective brakes is equal to or greater than 20 percent of the service brakes on the vehicle or combination.”

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  6. Should We Worry About Self-Driving Trucks?

    What Are Self-Driving Trucks?

    Perhaps one of the most popular and also heavily debated topics in the trucking industry right now is self-driving trucks. Also known as autonomous trucks and auto-piloted trucks, these are vehicles that essentially drive themselves with minimal human intervention.

    While many are embracing this new technology as a positive change for trucking, others — especially drivers themselves, worry about the possibility that self-driving trucks could mean unwelcome changes to their jobs including job losses.

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  7. How To Beat CVSA Brake Inspections: Part 3 - Brake Drums

    Roadside Inspections are one of the easiest ways to lose money, and there are a lot of issues that get flagged that could be in your truck's brake system right now. So we decided we'd "brake down" all of the most common braking issues in our new 5-Part Blog series.

    This third part of our blog series pounds into the brake's drums. One of the things to explore with drums is that CVSA inspectors will recognize issues with other parts of your braking system depending on what they see on the drum side. We'll cue in on what they see so that you can recognize it first and get away from any hefty fines or lost revenue that comes with downtime.

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  8. 5 Things You Need To Look For In a Brand

    Source From Brands You Can Trust

    Even though the back half of 2019 has not been the easiest on the trucking industry, there remains an emphasis on value versus cost when it comes to sourcing aftermarket truck parts for your vehicle or fleet.

    With so many foreign parts distributors reaching out across social media and other avenues with promises of cheaper parts and fast delivery, it can be a tempting solution to keep your parts stocked without spending that extra money, especially during a point in the American economy that has not particularly favored the trucking industry.

    It cannot be stressed enough that while there are exceptions to the value versus cost rule, such as a later life cycle on a commercial vehicle, value should still rule the day. But while you’re doing your homework, how do you know which brands to trust?

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  9. How Monroe Backs Up Their Limited Lifetime Warranty on Their Shock Absorbers

    The best shocks are meant to last a long time. You’d love to have shocks put in and confidently know that your suspension will be in good shape for years to come. The only true way to guarantee that peace of mind is with a good warranty.

    High-performance shocks are definitely valuable, but not having to purchase shocks for the lifetime of your truck can save you a decent chunk of change over time. But a lifetime warranty?! Sounds like it could be too good to be true. Let’s dig into the nitty-gritty and find out.

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  10. Celebrating Truckers During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

    2019 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

    There are a lot of people that only pay attention to truck drivers when they’re trying to get around them on the road or avoid getting stuck in their blind spots. But every year, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week serves to remind all of us not only about the long days at the road that a lot of truckers face but also all of the things we enjoy that are made possible by the 3.5 million men and women in the trucking industry.

    In addition to extending gratitude to U.S. truck drivers, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week also serves to improve the image that the general public has of who truck drivers are and what they do.

    Truckers: Delivering Life’s Moments

    In conjunction with National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, an industry-wide image and education movement called Trucking Moves America Forward (TMAF), is running a #ThankATrucker campaign. Throughout the week, which runs from September 8-14, TMAF’s campa

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