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  1. The Big Deal About Viscous Fan Clutches

    What Do Fan Clutches Even Do?

    BorgWarner Viscous Fan Clutches for Fuel Efficiency

    One of the under-celebrated heroes of your truck’s power generation system is the fan clutch. Going back to Engine 101 for a minute, you know that an engine gets hot from all the pressure put on it. You also know that letting that engine overheat is not only dangerous to driver safety but can also cause serious damage to the vehicle. The cooling fan is what helps cool the engine down when things are heating up under the hood, but the fan clutch plays a key role in supplying the power behind that cooling fan.

    Just as engine cooling needs are different depending on your application, no two fun clutches are created equally. Fan/vehicle combination is crucial for the engine cooling system to work properly,

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  2. Installing the Right Air Dryer From Bendix

    More than forty years ago Bendix ignited a revolution in the heavy-duty truck industry with a dream. A dream to provide clean air to reservoirs, valves, and all air controlled systems in a vehicle. A dream to filter out contaminants in airways that caused heinous maintenance episodes and downtime that felt like it lasted a lifetime. That dream was the Air Dryer: an air filtering mechanism that removes dirt, liquid, water vapor and even oil from your truck’s air system. Forty years later, the apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree. Bendix still makes some of the most reliable Air Dryer systems in the aftermarket.

    Any vehicle that doesn’t have an Air Dryer installed is considered archaic. And if you’re bypassing a bad Air Dryer system, then you’re doing a disservice to your truck. So today, we’re going to get you started on a new Bendix Air Dryer and walk through how easy it is to install one.

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  3. The 3 Main Reasons Your AC Might Smell Bad

    3 Reasons Your AC Smells Bad

    Why Does My AC Smell?

    Your truck’s heating and air conditioning system may not be crucial to the overall functionality of the vehicle, but nobody can argue that it’s still one of the most important systems to keep in proper working order. A non-functioning or faulty HVAC system means the driver is either too warm or too cold and is probably distracted from the main task at hand — staying safe on the road.

    But even if all the essential parts and components of your AC system are working seamlessly together, there’s still one major problem that haunts thousands of AC systems every year — a funky odor coming through the vents from the blower motor. Although this issue may not affect the temperature of the air coming through, it’s still a serious problem that’s not only distracting to the driver but could spell further trouble down the road if it’s not a

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  4. 3 Easy Ways to Identify a Blower Motor Issue

    From Hot to Not: Knowing Your AC Blower Motor

    When your truck or fleet is on the road, you depend on a lot of small things to work correctly, like the vehicle starting on the first try. Something else you may take for granted is a refreshing blast of cool air coming out of your air conditioning vents when it’s hot and stuffy in your passenger cabin. When this doesn’t happen, it can not only be frustrating and lead to an uncomfortable journey, it can also signal trouble within your truck’s heating and cooling system.

    Knowing the major players in commercial vehicle heating and cooling can help you identify what might be going wrong with your AC so you can find the right part and fix the problem the first time around with minimal downtime to your business. The journey to understanding air conditioning components starts with the blower motor.

    Where is the AC Blower Motor?

    Most recent truck

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