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  1. How Mitsubishi Electric Earned Its Place In a Decades-Old Industry

    Mitsubishi Electric

    Mitsubishi Electric's Place In the Heavy Duty Truck Industry

    For decades, the heavy duty starter and alternator market have been dominated by the same names: Delco Remy, Leece-Neville, Denso, Bosch. So how did Mitsubishi Electric - a newer player in the heavy-duty truck industry - wind up with the most reliable products on the market?

    Let's face it - when you think Mitsubishi you think of sedans and crossovers that you may pass by on the highway. You don't expect the rough and tough raw power that you need in your Freightliner or Mack truck to come from Mitsubishi Electric. However, for the last 15 years, Mitsubishi Electric has created quite a buzz with their Diamond Power Starters and Alternators. Why are truck drivers and fleet operators

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  2. What You Need to Know - AGM Batteries Vs Flooded Batteries

    AGM Battery Vs Flooded Battery

    AGM Battery Vs Flooded Battery

    There’s no denying that the current workforce is driven by “hustle culture” — an emphasis on productivity and efficiency, and the commercial vehicle industry is no different. With increased pressure from stakeholders to deliver more and deliver fast, drivers and fleet managers are often faced with a barrage of difficult problems to solve, including how to optimize the battery life of their trucks.

    Is it possible to cut down on towing and dead battery costs while also adhering to the no idling laws enforced in many states? The answer could lie within the battery itself. Chances are, like 50% of commercial vehicles currently on the road, your trucks are outfitted with a conventional flooded lead acid battery. But with advances in Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries such as the Performance and Extreme battery series by Odyssey Batteries, many in the trucking industry are now completely rethinking the flooded battery vs AGM battery, and the results may surprise you.  

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