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  1. How to prepare a CSV for Fast Order system

    1. Start by Downloading a sample file from our website. The link is located on the "Fast Order" page.

      Download Fast Order Sample

    2. Open the file in your favorite Spreadsheet program such as Excel

      Fast Order Open Excel

    3. To guarantee that Excel does not remove the superseding zeros in the beginning of the part numbers, we must format the SKU column as TEXT. 

      Fast Order Superseding Zerow

    4. To do that, select the SKU column
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  2. Fast Order How To for JIT Truck Parts


    JIT Truck Parts Fast Order System gives our customers a fast and simple way to key in or upload their entire shopping cart to with only a few clicks.

    So lets begin....

    1. To start login to your account and click the "Fast Order" button located on the top search bar of our website.
      Fast Order Button
    2. You will be taken to a simple but powerful order entry grid
      Fast Order Grid
    3. Here you can either enter each line by hand or use our Upload feature. To start entering items into the grid, simply start typing in Search field. After you enter a few characters, the system will automatically search for matching part numbers and will give
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